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Le Galaxie

Le Galaxie from Dublin, Ireland are a four piece band comprising, Michael Pope (guitar, vocoder and synths), Anthony Hyland (guitar), Alastair Higgins (drums) and David McGloughlin (bass). Having formed in 2008, they have played extensively in Ireland, together with a busy year last year in Europe, they are currently working on their second EP.

Le Galaxie

Le Galaxie

The electronic rock that emanates from Le Galaxie has all the essential elements to create superbly crafted atmosphere. Many bands playing in this space end up destroying their essential out-put by trying to play with too many layers, leaving the listener desperately wanting less, Le Galaxie, however do not fall in to this trap.

The blending of some strong guitar and drum maintains a flow to the music with the electronics creating an added depth of soft fuzz, which rests comfortably on my ears. This is ideal to sit down with when you have time to appreciate cascading music which adds layers of intricacy to the central guitar chords. The listener is transported to a different plane, where the music envelops synapses with a coating of anti-gravity matter as the sounds waft and wash toouter-space.

While needing time, focus and space, the music is not of such a complex nature that after a few minutes my ears start to bleed and my brow generates even more lines of concentration.

I recommend a good bottle of wine, a few friends round and the door bell turned off to get the best of Le Galaxie.

Does it work live? Judge yourself by the video and I certainly look forward to catching up with them live.

band website

Be interesting to hear the results of their new EP.

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