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We Were Frontiers

We Were Frontiers is a good old fashioned Rock ‘n’ Roll quintet from Leeds in England comprising Stuart Wright, Matthew Wright, Richard Denby, James Johnston and Aimee Robinson. As always a top notch rock-a-billy sound finds me prancing round the office more than it finds me hitting the keys to describe the music. We Were Frontiers […]

Amateur Historians

Amateur Historians is Chris Curry (Vocals / Guitar), Luke Casey (Bass guitar) and Gerard McCorry (Drums) an alternative Indie band from Belfast in Northern Ireland. The introspective sounds speak of the realities of life choices and plans gone awry. But that isn’t to say it is a space of despair, far from it, there is a nervy uplifting edginess that […]


fiN is an indie rock band from London in England with a four piece line up of Luke Joyce (Vocals/Guitar), Jonny Garner (Guitar), Kerry Lambert (Bass) and Simon Harding (Drums). Grabbing opportunities in both hands despite the recession,  fiN aim to raise a sense of good time, challenging the negativity spilling around the world. With generous sound levels the band […]

The Velocity Raptors

The Velocity Raptors is the alternative indie instrumental trio of Sean Buckley (bass), Michael Tabner (guitar) and Stephen Hermitt (drums) based in Manchester in England. The logo gives a sense of the good natured humour of the band, though I did hear a report a couple of days ago that a dinosaur has been looked at that has a fairly impressive […]

The Horn The Hunt

The Horn The Hunt is an alternative indie band from Leeds in England. Clare Carter (Vocal / Synths), Joseph Osborne (Bass), Conor Lawrence (drums) and Alice Miller (Guitar) have just released their new single Gold. There is an earthy grittiness to the instrumentation which is torn apart by a soaring vocal. It would be easy to assume the band […]

Wideboy Generation

Wideboy Generation from the North London suburbs in England update That’s Life with their indie rock renditions explored by the trio of Joe Finnigan (Guitar /Vocal), Aiden Eggenton (Bass /Vocals) and Jamie Wilsdon (Drums). I was all at sea when I hit play and I still am, but the fact that I am writing demonstrates I am smitten. […]

The Invisible Gentry

The Invisible Gentry an alternative indie rock quintet from London in England is made of by Enza Durban (Vocals), James Fox (Guitars), Dave Twinn (Guitars), John Twinn (Bass) and Luke Hollingworth (Drums). It is rare to find such a powerful vocal outside the remit of Classical and Opera singers, The Invisible Gentry have a powerhouse of a vocalist who is the stunning core that […]

Alvarez Kings

The indie-pop band Alvarez Kings from Sheffield in England formed in 2005 with Brothers Simon (Vocals / Guitar) and Paul Thompson (Bass)  along with Sean Parkin (Guitar) and Rich Walker (Drums). Their first release  a single The Sequel dates back to 2010, this was followed by the 2011 EP Patience Is Strength and they have just released the four […]

Angry Young Man

Angry Young Man is the fuzz rock vehicle for Chris Young from Newcastle in England to bring his perspective of the world around. From an early background using 4 track recordings, which is evident in the raw-cut product that marks out Angry Young Man, Chris has developed form hobbyist to full-time musician playing all the instruments and generating the […]


Redwire is a five piece indie rock band from Bradford in England. Tom ‘Nova’ Nowakowski (Vocals), Joe Parkinson (Guitar /  Backing Vocals), Matt Hawthorn (Bass), Gab Dardes (Drums) and Dan Louch (Lead Guitar) have just released their debut single Live Today Die Tomorrow. With the addition of the second guitar Redwire create a great sound that enables them to explore the genre from […]

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