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Band of the month top 10 chart May 2013

Featuring bands from four different continents the band of the month top 10 chart for May 2013 reflects on diversity. 1. Katja Luhtala (Finland)   Safe European Home – Katja Luhtala is available on iTunes.* 2. Beijing (USA) Night – Beijing is available on iTunes* 3. Bedfellows (USA) 4. High Side Driver (Australia)   5. […]


XOVA is Wayne, Stuart, James, Skins, Boot and Mikey a fusion reggae band from Birmingham in England. Bringing together a mix of music from around the world with a strong reggae / ska spine running through much of the material, XOVA (pronounced cross over – well there is often the odd jar in this world of SMS […]

Mincer Ray

Graham, Cate and Sean make up Mincer Ray the retro-rock band from Berlin in Germany. This feels so retro – I got in to a time-capsule – but it spat me out and suggested I take another listen and we find, whilst resonating of days gone by a currency in material that perfectly suits the mood […]

Secret Oktober

Secret Oktober is an indie synth band with Sebastian Storm (Vocals / Keyboards / Guitar), Andy Foster (Fretless Bass / Keyboards), Simon Pearce (Guitars) and Paul Smith (Drums) in the line-up from Birmingham in England. Citing influences from the 80′s New Romantics, Secret Oktober have woven into the sounds a more psychedelic feel which enables the quartet to run the tracks at […]

Band of the week top 5 chart w/e 9th March 2013

With bands from two different continents and a range of styles the band of the week top five chart on the indie bands blog for w/e the 9th of March is an eclectic mix of sounds. 1. Moxine (Brazil) Electric Kiss – Moxine is available on iTunes*. 2. MAUD (England) The Navigation – EP – […]

Band of the week top 5 chart w/e 9th February 2013

Topping the band of the week top 5 chart for w/e 9th February is Universal Thee in a chart featuring bands from four countries in two different continents. 1. Universal Thee (Scotland) Promote your mixtape at ReverbNation.com   2. The Blue Collars (England) 3. Inches From The Ground (England) 4. October (Canada) 5. Einstein In […]

New Year Ninety 2013 30 – 21

The New Year Ninety has so far featured bands from every continent – barring Antarctica and a plethora of musical styles. The top 30 places don’t disappoint and here is 30 to 21. 30 – Bottle Cap Rockets (USA) First Seven is available on * 29 – My Glorious (Austria) A Heart On Fire is available from […]

Jungle Doctors

Jungle Doctors – is a five piece indie pop band from Teddington in England with a five piece line-up of Sam Budd (Lead Vocals / Guitars / Keys), Will Tyler (Backing Vocals / Bass / Guitars), David Thomas (Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals), Angus McGuinness (Rhythm Guitar) and Louis Watton (Drums / Occasional Cow Bell). This is one of those […]

Those Makeshift Heroes – Whispers – Audio only

Those Makeshift Heroes is an indie pop-rock band from London in the very early stages of their career with a track to share – Whispers. I knew when I set up this section of the website there was a reason and here we have it – so new and fresh I only have one track […]

Band of the Month September 2012

The Band of the Month top ten chart for September 2012. The bands from five nations not only geographically are distant, but also musically. 1. imagineIAM (USA) Merry Go Round is available on * 2. The YuYa (England) A Boy, A Queen & A Fish is available on * 3. Maybe The Welders (USA) The Hot […]

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