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No:carrier is Cynthia Wechselberger and Christian Wirsig - an electro-noire duo originally from Ingolstadt in Germany but now straddling between the USA and Germany. Slathered in dripping gothesque No:carrier add a wonderful splash of purple to the day. Some sounds and voices just set the frame for an extended BDSM weekend and No:carrier fit the bill smartly. I could […]

Silent Noise Parade

Silent Noise Parade is Owen Geaney (Guitar, Bass), Joseph Geaney (Guitar, Keys), Gary Sherlock (Vocals), Liam Hayes (Drums) and Kevin Gubbins (Keys, Samples) an electro-indie band from Nenagh in in Eire. On hitting play, I thought I had headed by mistake to Berlin or was listening to New Romanticism from the ’80s, but no I had really […]

Sincerely, The Alchemists

Sincerely, The Alchemists is Marc Koza (Lead Vocals), Dave Lilly (Piano) and Justin Muldoon (Vocals / Electronics) – an electro-pop band from Philadelphia in the USA. Despite my heart cringing at the concept of a band introducing themselves as ‘pop’ as ever I dutifully opened the player as is the promise of the Indie Bands Blog to all introductions, I […]

The Analog Affair

The Analog Affair is the alternative electro-pop  duo of Evan Baker (Vocals / Lyrics) and Cody Moser (Arrangement / Composition) based in Washington D.C. in the USA. A gentleness melts out of the speakers as though spreading high cocoa content melted chocolate gloss, moreish but not sugar laden as the duo balance the interplay between vocal and […]

Limbo Kids

Limbo Kids from Oxford in England is the electro-pop band that centres around the duo of Mark Stephenson and James Hitchman. This is almost an electronic version of shoegaze, so is of some interest to the ears. The tracks are fairly lengthy and I am still not sure if this is a good thing or not, but either […]


The alternative electro-pop duo Vimes from  in Germany is Azhar Syed and Julian Stetter. Taking strides towards organ music, Vimes has a breathy floating sound that flows around the room as they take the latest electronics kit for a run out and veil it inside a Cathedral like experience. There is plenty of echo and distance to keep the listener engaged with the […]


From Berlin in Germany we find Beate von Shuffle (Drums), Skeet (Synths) and Vadot (Guitar / Vocals) who make up the electro-retro band Vadot. Busy gnarling away at the shins, you will find Vadot with their retrospective of the world which despite the East- West Wall being destroyed stills feels of the same oppression, Delightfully encapsulated in […]

The Polysonic

Polysonic is the vehicle through which the Reading, England based singer song-writer Tom Wolfe delivers his electro-pop-rock. Electro-pop and yet above we find an image of a good old upright from the oldest established piano makers in the world? I could equally have posted an image of a six or four stringed electric guitar as […]


Pilesar is the solo electro-pop singer-songwriter Jason Mullinax from Takoma Park in the USA. Reaching in to the depths of disco vibes of the early ’80s, Pilesar rips out the guts and turns it in to a creative space in which simple synths are stretched and tempos reworked. There is much akin to Kraftwerk in structure, […]

Woman E

Woman E is an electro-pop out-fit from London in England. Ria Berlin (Vocals) and Oover Matic (Synths / Trumpet) who combine to add a valuable dimension to the genre. This is as far to the mainstream as I dare wander without having a nervous breakdown, but somehow I seem to find the textures of electro-pop far easier […]

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