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Meltybrains? is Ben, Donnacha, Tadhg, Micheál and Brian an ambient electro-rock band from Dublin in Ireland. A surreal sense of humour and take on the world akin to Dali meets Private Eye set to music greets the ears with the output of Meltybrains?. The electro-ambience is flecked with experimental directions, yet there is a recognizable format to the sound which is […]

Unquiet Nights

Unquiet Nights are a three-piece rock band from Dublin in Ireland, comprised of Luke Mathers, Rodger Firmin and John Rossi. I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce a new writer on the Indie Bands Blog – Robbie Gallagher – who is currently studying music at Northampton University. The boys from Belfast have gained considerable […]

The Parlez

The Parlez, from Dublin in Ireland, is an indie-pop duo made up of brothers - Dermot Walsh (vocals, music, songwriting) and Neil Walsh (music, songwriting). Set to a ’60s pop structure The Parlez take this basic template and create a moody psychedelic twist by weaving influences from the intervening half a century and on listening you […]

A Dark Horse

From Dublin in Eire we find the duo of James Parker (Vocal / Guitar) and Hugh Rodgers (Guitar / Vocal / Banjo / Bouzouki / Piano / Organ) with friends: Niall Woods (Percussion / Drums); Adrian Mullan (Drum Kit); Luke Slott (Piano); Vyvienne Long (Cello) and Adrian Mullan Snr. (Accordion) aka A Dark Horse. Well you can tell from that list this isn’t […]

Land Lovers

Land Lovers from Dublin is a five piece retro indie-pop band made up of - Pádraig Cooney (Guitar / vocal), Ciarán Canavan (Guitar / vocals), Shane Murphy (Bass), Cormac Hughes (Keyboards / vocals) and Brian Lynch (Drums) who started out in 2008 and have recently released their latest LP through the collective Record Label – Popical Island. Blue Velvet- the […]

The Rusty Fixtures

Back in 2010 in Wexford, Ireland - Brian Bolger (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar), Mary Kirwan (Vocals, Keys), John Walshe (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals), Rory Sweeney (Bass, Backing Vocals) and Kyle O’Connor (Drums, Backing Vocals) got together to create The Rusty Fixtures. I think I will run with rural-rock to aim for a simple descriptor, which probably leaves you in the shade, so let’s […]

She’s a Beauty

She’s a Beauty from Maynooth in Ireland have been around since 2009 when Cathal Farrelly (Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar), Robert Hogan (Lead Guitar / Backing vocals), Tomo Garnett (Drums & Percussion) and Jamie Caprani (Bass) decided it was their time to create some of their own music. An interesting concept, the band play a mix of styles, each very distinct, […]

The Whatmans

The Whatmans from Navan in Ireland have been around for about four years. John Brennan (Vocals) , Padar Mulvey (Guitar),  Franny McGinn (Bass), Aidan Carolan (Drums) and Elizabeth Oakes (Keyboards) mix shoegaze and Rock, creating material about their perspective of life around the world. They are making an impact across the UK, Ireland and North […]


Bone, a duo from Kilkenny in Ireland comprise Mike Ryan and Geri Doyle Ryan.  Both experienced musicians in their own right. Bone has been a project for the past 12 years. Harking to sounds from CBGBs,  blending with muted acid from England in the ’90′s, with a splash of  ’60s Festival. Bone carve out a […]

Storybooks for Small Dogs

Storybooks for Small Dogs from Navan in Ireland are made up of Carmo (Alan Carmody, vocal and guitar), Breen (Brian Shiels, bass) and Richi (Richard Cullen, drums and backing vocals) have been around for a couple of years, projecting life around them, with influences from re-weaved new wave, a la Green Day and White Stripes. […]

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