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Universal Thee

Universal Thee is an indie folk rock band from Edinburgh in Scotland. The line-up addition has recently seen the band expand to the quintet of: James Russell (Guitar / Vocals); Lisa Russell (Vocals); Robin Spivey (Guitar); Sean MacDonald (Bass) and Kevin Haddow (Drums). There is an easy underlying humorous tilt to the music which is delivered in […]

Pitch Feather

Pitch Feather from Singapore is an indie folk-rock trio comprising Alberta (Vocals / Keyboards / Melodica), Chuan (Bass / Guitar /Backing Vocals) and Hongliang (Drums / Percussion). There is an enticing lilting timorous vocal that snares the ears and before you know it you are captivated by the delicacy of the sounds which reminisce of the light orchard fruits […]

The Fallows

The Fallows is an indie folk rock band from Coventry in England who play a foot stomping UK blues-grass. Ross Darby (Guitar, Vocals), Pete Rutherford (Piano, Vocals, Guitar), Sam Stokes (bass) and Neal Pointon (Violin, Mandolin) have a new single coming out on the 26th August 2012 Front Row. This is a sound which just demands audience […]

Artists Only

Artists Only originally from Chester in England is the duo of James Madden and Ryan Murphy who deliver garage folk containing  a rich seam of influences. The music contains an incredibly wide range of derivations, which the duo have been able to fuse to create a mellow and engaging out-put. The quiet confidence in the skills are […]

Sleepwalker’s Station

Sleepwalker’s Station from Berlin in Germany can be found across the festival circuit throughout Europe. The indie folk band, made up of Daniel (Vocal / Guitar / Piano / Harmonica), Giulia (Slide guitar / Vocals), FRX (Cello), Andy (Percussion), Vic (Guitars), Pila/Felix (Drums), J.D/Anis (Bass), Julia (Vocals) and Hannes (double bass / synths), came to fruition in late 1998. Whilst unsurprisingly Sleepwalker’s Station compose fairly complex […]

A Private Press

A Private Press is folk-grass duo from Philadelphia in the USA comprising of Nicola Dixon (Vocals) and Ian Schaefer (Guitar). Having been laid up for a few days it is appropriate to come back with something mellow and A Private Press certainly hit that mark. An emotion riven vocal floats around a sparse yet highly effective acoustic guitar. Nicola […]

The Mean Season

The Mean Season is an indie folk/rock trio from Washington D.C. in the USA. CP, GiGi, and Mathias are set to release their eponymous EP today – 24th April 2012. Unlike the band name would suggest, The Mean Season actually deliver a sound which is more akin to that of late spring evenings. The material is […]

Cameron Stenger

Cameron Stenger is an indie-folk singer songwriter based in New York in the USA. Having lived in many locations across the States, Cameron draws on these reflections to paint his images musically. Set to release his fourth LP on 24th April 2012 since 2008, Lovers, he also finds the time to appear on stage in […]

Franco and The Dreadnought

Franco and The Dreadnought from Manchester in England is John Blaylock (Franco) and a his DXME Martin Acoustic Guitar (The Dreadnought), plying contemporary indie-folk to an eager audience. I am drawn to comparisons with another Northern English soloist Paul Liddell, with a similar driven grittiness to the material. There is once again that regional accent, not a […]


Nicomedes is a solo singer / songwriter from La Perla Callao in Peru who uses a variety of vehicles to bring his ideas to the world.  On occasion utilising additional musicians to his home-studio live recordings. This is my first foray in to Peru and delightfully I have three distinctive platforms in which to listen. Odin A. Kasparian […]

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