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The Exhibition

Spring 2008, in Barnsley in England, four friends got together to form The Exhibition, driven by a desire to create and shape their own music. Fast forward to 2010 the band has released three demos including a 4 track EP, which came out in February and are in the process of recording their debut single, […]

The Heartbreaks

The Heartbreaks are a four piece band based in Manchester in the UK. Matthew Whitehouse (vocals/guitar), Joseph Kondras (Drums), Ryan Wallace (Guitar) and Deaks (Bass), originally all from Morecombe got together last year and set about creating their music which reflects on everyday life situations and have the single Liar, My Dear, due for release […]

The Gadsdens | Update February 2010

Back in October 2009, I wrote a brief review of The Gadsdens and it somehow seemed appropriate to get an up to date version on the site. The Gadsdens are an East London, UK based band who’s Single The Sailor Song *, had made a big impact even prior to its release. The song was […]

Pete Um

Pete Um is a solo artist from Cambridge in the UK, who takes the concept of experimental music to a new plane. His tracks are recorded directly to a computer, a 4 track or reel to reel tapes. Pete uses his computer as an 8 track machine adding his own inimitable instrument playing in real […]

Stuart Newman

Stuart Newman is a solo artist from Brighton in the UK, who plays mellow acoustic music. His music, which he creates and arranges himself is drawn from a range of influences, from the ’50s to the 21st century. After a long day, the music of Stuart Newman, is great for winding down with. Containing interest […]

The Reactors at Dublin Castle

The Reactors are a three piece band from London, I fell over and became an instant supporter of last night. My plan was to meet one of the members from Cuarteles de Invierno who was over from Argentina for a few days, it is a long story, settle down while I try some brevity. Nico, […]

The Supernovas

The Supernovas from London, have been around in one form or another since 2003, but the current line-up of Joei Silvester (Vocals / Rhythm Guitar), Rizo (Lead Guitar), Panashe Nyandoro (Bass) and Moses Elliott (Drums) has been together for three years. The songwriting is split between Joei and Rizo, with the instrumentation developed in rehearsal. […]

The Brassic

Hailing from South London, The Brassic, a five piece band comprising : Fisher (Vocals) and cousin Ian Alfie (bass) together with the three brothers Jamie Young (lead guitar), Billy Young (rhythm guitar) and Joe Young (drums), got together as a band in September 2009. The result of the first practice, being Robber and the Supermodel […]

Gaoler’s Daughter at the Flowerpot Camden

On a freezing cold night in Camden on Friday, Gaoler’s Daughter braved the elements to play at Flowerpot in Camden and they weren’t alone. The attraction of the band saw a decent sized audience turn up, including people from well outside London, such is their developing draw. The guys who make up the band are […]


Elspeth from Belfast and Newry, Northern Ireland, have been around for less than a year. Gerard (Vocals, Guitar), Leo (Guitar), Jonny (Guitar), Davy (Bass) and Phil (Drums), got together in March 2009. Having received national airplay and gigs on the mainland, locally and in Ireland, they have quickly gathered momentum and have an LP – […]

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