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Millennium is the electronica duo of Norman Palm and Ville Haimala from Berlin in Germany. Confidence saunters in to the room as Millennium deliver a sound that sits proud of its era. Reflecting on the age of facility at its height, the duo cock-a-snook to the world around with scant regard. Accessible on the formulae of the music alone, they […]

Seething Akira

Seething Akira is a dubstep-rock band from Portsmouth in England. Currently seeking Management representation – the four-piece of Kit Conrad (Vocals), Charlie Bowes (Vocals / Synths), Studas Lopez (Guitar / Vocals) and Stu Radcliffe (Drums) are making a decent fist of doing it all themselves. A refreshing combination of sounds emerge from the speakers, ambient electronics, dubstep references and […]

Glass Vaults

Glass Vaults is the ambient electronics duo of Richard Larsen and Rowan Pierce from Wellington in New Zealand. Back in October 2010 I received an email introducing Glass Vaults and so it has lain until this sunny early October afternoon and what an appropriate day to be writing the review. Over the intervening couple of years the material […]

Helium Robots

Helium Robots from London in England is the duo Lydia Jones and Ewan Willmott with an electronic-trance based felt-like structure to the music. Much time has been spent by the duo in the studio on remixes and new material their debut LP Voltopia set for release digitally on the 28th May 2012. Helium Robots also have […]


iremembertapes. is an indie-electronica out-fit from Brighton in England. The trio of Tom Ferry (Vocals), Al Tutt (Guitar / Programing) and Ben Airey (Bass) released their new LP Human Architecture on the 13th March 2012 through The Animal Farm Records. I was taken in a time-capsule to the ’80s New Wave scene when never mind remembering tapes, most […]

Mr. Meeble

Mr. Meeble from Phoenix in the USA is the trio of Devin Fleenor, Michael Plaster and Rick Heins together with a plethora of technology. If you ever wondered what Jean Michel Jarre would have sounded like were he now at the early stage of his career, Mr. Meeble provide the answer. They scoop up refrains from ’70s psychedelia […]

Oh So

Oh So is a goth-electronica band from Charlottesville in the USA. Originally formed in 2009 the band has expanded with the latest addition of a drummer which lends the band a stronger and more engaging sound. J.J. Williams (Guitar / Vocals), Bruce Stocking (Bass), Leia Manuel (Vocals / keyboards) and Jordan Marchini (Drums) have recently released their EP Erotic […]

Groovy Star

Groovy Star is the vehicle the singer / songwriter / guitarist Michael Featherstone from Ilkley in England uses to reveal his psychedelic electronica to the world. Swirling sounds emerge from the speakers, with electronics accompanied by fused guitar generating a space which reminds me of Celtic folk    combined with funk. This is music which […]

Michael Hensley

Michael Hensley is a solo musician from Boston in the USA who pours his energy in to electro-pop. Timing couldn’t have been much better that I received an email from Neil Campau at Punks and Criminals with an introduction to Michael Hensley. I read an article just before I went away for a few days […]


Pinkunoizu from Copenhagen in Denmark is Jaleh Negari,  Jeppe Brix,  Andreas Pallisgaard  and Jakob Falgren. A loop inside a loop of electronica. Pink Noise somehow seems appropriate… lets go explore… I still recall my first visit to Denmark as we drove in to Åbenrå when I was something like 10, to be faced with a huge billboard of […]

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