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Jointpop – Sweet Nothings – Audio only

Jointpop from Trinidad and Tobago who have featured on the site a few times, but I have written nothing since January 2011 have released a new track – Sweet Nothings. Currently finishing off a new LP – The Pot Hounds, set for release on the 19th November 2012 here is Sweet Nothings which will be on the […]

Franco and The Dreadnought – Platt Fields – video

Franco and The Dreadnought who I wrote about back in April 2012 is working with a local charity to try and raise funds with the release of Platt Fields.   For more information on Platt Fields. To purchase the release and help. Join the indie bands blog on facebook for more of the best indie […]

Park Planet – The Youngest – Audio Track

Park Planet who were introduced to in late September 2012 continue to churn out tunes – their latest being – The Youngest.   To help with the running costs of the Indie Bands Blog, please feel free to drop us support via our paypal donate page.

Spruke – EP review – Factor Friction

Spruke has a new release, his fifth coming out on the 18th September 2012 – the six track EP Factor Fiction. Three of the tracks feature those with whom Bill Boulden works alongside on various projects. Fact or Fiction – ft. Chapin – opens with a computerised voice laying out the background to the track […]

The YuYa – LP review – A Boy, A Queen & A Fish

The YuYa has a new fourteen track LP out towards the end of September 2012 entitled  A Boy, A Queen & A Fish. It has been just over a year since we looked at The YuYa, which means an update is more than due. Opening with the delightful It’s Better, which was reviewed back last […]

Tsigoti – The Imagination Liberation Front Thinks Again

The Italian agit-rock indie band Tsigoti released, on the 28th August 2012, their 16 track LP –  The Imagination Liberation Front Thinks Again.   The material resonates with the frustrations of a world on its head, where morality is a paradox of insensibilities. The Headline Whisper Screams is two minutes of industrial malaise punctuated by a sneering […]

Rollor – LP review – Beasts In Men Shapes

Rollor reviewed back in April 2012 has released a new LP – Beasts In Men Shapes. On this release Rollor has pared back the time-frame for the tracks with none lasting more than nearly 10 minutes, even managing one at just over two minutes. Vedik Sandskrit opens the album. Clear spaces emerge at the opening and […]

Sounds of Venus – Star Dust, Baby

With my typical sense of disorganisation, I received news of the five track EP  Star Dust, Baby by Sounds of Venus a month before its release on the 8th August 2012, but have only just got round to writing a review. The band review of Sounds of Venus was published in March 2012. The EP finds […]

Inspire Influence – Review of Planet Destroyer EP

Inspire Influence were covered by us in March of this year, however due to their new five track release Planet Destroyer  which is due out in  the next few weeks, a new review is in order!   The ambient Kepler 22. With its beautiful synth intro, the song slowly builds with wailing layers being subtly […]

This Calamity – EP review – I’ll Paint You A Picture If You Promise To Put It Up

This Calamity release the new 6 track EP I’ll Paint You A Picture If You Promise To Put It Up on 17th June 2012. A waterfall demuline opening with I’ll Paint You A Picture and so we head over the rapids and This Calamity suddenly and unexpectedly opens a parachute of palliation, prior to loosening the strings and […]

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