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The Varsity

The Varsity is an indie pop band from Cambridge in England. In March 2012 Connor Morris (vocals), Nigel (Vocals), Oscar Corney (Guitar), Matt Barkway (Bass) and Sean Clayton (Drums) got together with the aim to raise a smile and a dance… … Success I would say…. Well that would make for a brief review. Having made a sharp start, including […]

Violet Class

Violet Class is an indie rock five piece from Reading in England comprising James Fearn (Vocals), Jack Barnes (Bass / Vocals), James Mortimore (Lead Guitar), David Storrar (Rhythm Guitar) and Adam Mitchell (Drums). Taking a listen to Violet Class and the genealogy of Brit Pop from it’s roots with the likes of The Kinks becomes ever clearer. A wall of reverberd guitar heralds […]

The Polysonic

Polysonic is the vehicle through which the Reading, England based singer song-writer Tom Wolfe delivers his electro-pop-rock. Electro-pop and yet above we find an image of a good old upright from the oldest established piano makers in the world? I could equally have posted an image of a six or four stringed electric guitar as […]

Park Planet

Park Planet an indie rock band from Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland is Gordon (Bass / Vocal), Graham (Guitar / Vocal) and Leon (Drums / Vocal). I started the player and had to hit pause to get out the polish and shine the speakers to match clean lines of the material soaring their way in to […]

Hunting Ulysses

Hunting Ulysses is a lo-fi Indie Rock band from Herne Bay in England. The trio of Dan Small (Guitar / Vocals), Nick Emmerson (Bass / Vocals) and Will Huttley (Drums / Vocals) have a new EP set for release imminently. The rumbling bass thumps through my ears with pleasure as the band pare back the music to its […]

Exit Earth

Exit Earth is a lo-fi alternative indie rock band from Leamington Spa in England comprising  Symrun Johal (vocals / guitar), Jake Maiden (drums), Joe Holiday (guitar) and Bas Macabre (bass) There is a gauntlet thrown out to the ears as Exit Earth emerge like a tortured soul from the speakers and this is a sound […]

Soul Circus

Soul Circus an indie rock band from Leeds in England is working hard in the recording studio this year as the quintet of Lloyd Bradley (vocals), Paul Wainwright (guitar), Tom Matthews (guitar),  Adam Marshall (bass) and Martyn Guy (drums) have a double A side scheduled for the 14th May Burn The Map / The Consequence of Youth and an EP […]

The Novellos

The Novellos is an indie band from Stoke-on-Trent in England which first rose to prominence back in 2008, after personnel changes and a new focus they have been under the radar for a while. Adam Steele (Bass and Vocals), Sam ‘Fingers’ J Walker (Keys, Brass and Vocals), Eddy Gillespie (Drums, Percussion and Vocals) and Mike Thomas (Guitar and Vocals) […]

The ABC Club

The ABC Club is a five piece euro-indie band from Leeds in England. Zandra Kleivens, Jordan Radcliffe, Jack Haigh, David Barber and James Burkitt have a couple of releases behind them and a fast expanding fan-base. Guitar driven energy emerges from the band, which is complemented by a delightful vocalist. The music has a gritty earthiness to it, there is […]


Letters is an indie band from Edinburgh in Scotland, that in addition to the expected instrumentation adds Cello to the mix. Although formed in 2010, the band has undergone some personnel changes and much of the material was originally penned in concept prior to Letters coming to fruition. The current line-up is: Kerr Donaldson -(Drums); Dougie Fuller (Bass); Georgie Williamson (Cello / Vocals); Ed […]

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