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Ellie Williams

Ellie Williams is a singer songwriter from Exeter in England. Of particular note is the way that she has been able to use crowd-funding successfully to release her debut LP Unseen, which came out in 2009 after raising US$50 000. She has just completed funding for her second album Hope, this time a more modest US$5 000. […]

Random Parade

Random Parade from Orange Country in the USA is the indie-goth trio of Gregory Christopher (vocals / guitar), Doug Cummings (bass) and  James Ross (drums). Like wandering through the dark recesses in the cellar armed with a candle, Random Parade emerge out of the gloom in a flickering shadow. The bass slides like melting wax out of […]

The Planes

The Planes is an indie-pop band from New York in the USA. Jeff Patlingrao, Sacha Chernoff, Stephen Perry and Gavin Dunaway produce a lo-fi sounding take to the world of upbeat indie music. I am given to mind of Cherry pickers whilst listening to The Planes. I feel the need to rationalise that thought – The high boom lifted in […]


Broncho is an indie garage band from Norman in the USA. The first live gig consisted of six songs in fifteen minutes, how could I not take to the quartet of Ryan Lindsey (Guitar / Vocal), Ben King (Guitar / Vocal), Nathan Price (Drums) and Johnathon Ford (Bass / Vocal) and releasing material on pink Vinyl, the day just […]

The Dirty Feathers

The Dirty Feathers is a psychedelic Rock band from Champaign in the USA. Vladimir Brilliant, Ted Faust, Harman Jordan, Andrew Kling and James Treichler deliver a taste of space to the world of music. I am thinking of wet-clay, no let me rephrase that. In reality I am still shaking my head at the misspelling of Champagne, those of close inspection […]


Sauna is a band from Denver in the USA. CJ (guitar), Ethan (bass), Sammi (drums) and Molly  (vocals) got together in 2011 to let rip with their blend of indie-pop. Where the hell have my socks gone? An angst of teenage (t)issues and memorabilia have arrived in the room and for some unknown reason life feels good. I normally […]


Letters is an indie band from Edinburgh in Scotland, that in addition to the expected instrumentation adds Cello to the mix. Although formed in 2010, the band has undergone some personnel changes and much of the material was originally penned in concept prior to Letters coming to fruition. The current line-up is: Kerr Donaldson -(Drums); Dougie Fuller (Bass); Georgie Williamson (Cello / Vocals); Ed […]

Eternal Summers

Eternal Summers is an indie band from Roanoke in the USA, which I learnt at school, oh – 35 years ago – , is an Independent  City in only one of 4 Commonwealths as opposed to States. When there are 50 states in the USA, the answer is no – there are 46 States, 4 Commonwealths […]


Woodsman is an experimental indie band from Denver and Brooklyn in the USA. Dylan, Mark, Trevor and Eston utilise two drummers to emphasise their output, which now racks up to five releases. Once again I find my self drawn to an introduction from Banter Media. There is a distinctive sound which emerges form the speakers as the use […]

The Quiet Americans

The Quiet Americans is a lo-fi indie band from Fresno in the USA. Luke Giffen, Eli Reyes, Simon Smeds and Steve Loveless have just released their EP Medicine on limited edition cassette through Coattrack Records. The EP having been recorded on a Tascam 8 track reel to reel recorder. Once again many thanks to Banter Media for the introduction. […]

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