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The Ugly Club

The Ugly Club is a psychedelic indie band from New Jersey in the USA. With a couple of EPs behind them, most recently Visions of Tall Girl,  Ryan Egan, Taylor Mandel, Rick Sue-Poi, Ryan McNulty and Joey Stasio are currently working on a debut LP scheduled for release in the summer of 2012. (that’ll be a Northern Hemisphere Summer […]

Friday Avenue

Alyx (Bass), Omar (Drums), Dave (Guitar)and Morris (vocal) make up the alternative indie band Friday Avenue from Brownsville in the USA. With an eponymous EP and an LP – Shallow Pockets behind them, the members of Friday Avenue are currently working on a follow-up LP, whilst they continue to hit the road.   Good old rock guitar […]

Mirror Lady

Mirror Lady is made up of T.J. Petracca, Taylor Pile and Sean Robinson from Silverlake in the USA, from where they deliver lo-fi bedroom pop. There is a hint of shoegaze emerging from the guitar, with an emphasis on the key-board Mirror Lady drips with warm West Coast imagery. The music wraps the listener in a gentle gauze […]

Sounds of Venus

Sounds of Venus is an ambient rock band from Boston in the USA. Mario Borgatta, Paige Califano, Josh Canevari, Logan Coats and Nick Susi, although only recently having got together have quickly established a creditable sound. There is an immediate warmth that flows in to the room, as Sounds of Venus deliver a superbly understated sound which wraps the head […]

The Joy of Painting

The Joy of Painting is a five piece indie band from Nashville in the USA. Garreth, Mark, Chris, Kyle and Dave 4ever push out some high energy indie with distinctive New Wave influences. Pounding across the room is the sound of 315 Bowery, Manhattan and as regular readers of the website will know when CBGB’s reminiscences […]

Laura By Spruke

Laura By Spruke is a collaboration between the  Buffalo in the USA based Laura Grace and Bill Boulden who have come together for an interesting retro-electronic experimental twist. The moment I clicked – Play – my life felt better. The duo from very different backgrounds have engaged and created a superb soundspace. Invective and challenge roar out of […]

Wet Wolf

Wet Wolf from Edison in the USA are an experimental trio comprising –  Jenny (Vocals /Guitars), Ben Ross (percussion / air driven keyboards) and Mike Noordzy  (Bb clarinet and assorted trinkets). Does that B flat clarinet precision mean this is only music for geeks? Regular readers will know I am always interested in exploring experimental music, though […]

Bye June

Bye June from Rockville in the USA comprise of Gil Kline (Vocal / Guitar), Gunner Sledgeski (Drums) and Daniel McGreal (Bass) oh and how I like a slice of irony Rockville and Bye June are exemplary. Americana comes shooting out of the speakers as we hit pop indie in the middle of summer, love the construct of Rockville and […]

Huff This!

Huff This! a musical collaboration - Alison Clancy (Vocal / piano / guitar),  Chris Lancaster, (Cello), Tony Long (Drums), Sonny Ratcliff  (Bass) and Molly Bearcub Allis (drums / Vocal) is from New York in the USA. Alison Clancy is a Dancer by training who graces the indie music turntable from time to time and on this occasion, she is reincarnated […]

The Metric System

The Metric System, from Charlotte in the USA are a three piece mellow rock out-fit and the music seemed just perfect for the down-time between Christmas and the New Year. David Dorenfeld (vocals / guitar / piano / drums), Sean Beck (vocals / bass / percussion / synth / woodwinds) and Olivia Neal (drums / vocals) are emerging with their well […]

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