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Land Lovers

Land Lovers from Dublin is a five piece retro indie-pop band made up of - Pádraig Cooney (Guitar / vocal), Ciarán Canavan (Guitar / vocals), Shane Murphy (Bass), Cormac Hughes (Keyboards / vocals) and Brian Lynch (Drums) who started out in 2008 and have recently released their latest LP through the collective Record Label – Popical Island.

Land Lovers

Land Lovers

Blue Velvet- the  Bobby Vinton retake – comes bounding out of the speakers and lo and behold, while I have heard references to ’80s bands, I think we are back in the golden era of rock ‘n’ roll with a direct root back to doo-wop and they have brought it all forward three quarters of  a century.

I received the introduction back on September 26th, but as readers of the site will know, Julie died just four days later, but, at last I am here and glad to have the opportunity to write about Land Lovers. The clean lines entice the listener to take to stand-up and shyly ask for a dance. Oh the joy of the simplicity of the music makes my head reverberate with the school dance night.

Yet, it is all drawn forward to a far more selfish generation and the music encapsulates a sense of: I have a right to this. The Irish dialect which emanates adds a frisson of the ‘life is good’ as only the Irish accent can.

Long may Land Lovers keep adding to the discography and I find myself opening: add-to play-list. Sorry it has taken so long and thanks for the contact.


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