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Prevrat is an electro rock vehicle for Ric Gordon a singer songwriter from Kansas City in the USA to explore faltering relationships. A palpable haze of atmosphere seeps through the room on hitting play as Prevrat discourse the ‘almost’ of relationships existing at different levels of expectation. Somewhat brooding, but nonetheless engaging. Influences range back to 1st […]

Katja Luhtala

Katja Luhtala is an Alternative indie rock singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist from Helsinki in Finland. The music of Katja Luhtala slides like a warming triple vodka into the bloodstream. A dark and brooding vocal immediately captures the attention whilst the metronomic musical tempos thrum into the head like a mystical spell and the listener remains captivated […]

Tzvika Force

Tzvika Force is the vehicle the Tel Aviv, Israel based solo composer Tzvika Lorber to deliver his dark rock. On hitting play the ears are caressed with top quality compositions. Utilising Pianoforte, the out-put is wreathed in the mystic that the timbre of a piano always adds to guitar and percussion. Although predominately a soloist the addition […]

Jane Woodman

Jane Woodman is an experimental ambient singer-songwriter from San Francisco in the USA. She regularly collaborates with other musicians and it was on the back of a such a collaboration that Shauna McLarnon from Ummagma made contact with me about Jane. After a couple of exchanges of email – sorry Shauna -  I was able to find out about […]


DOLLS is the solo performer Nikki Awesome originally from Toronto in Canada where she was signed with Warner, but who has now taken her own independent direction to strip away the shiny popsicle shell and deliver  alternative electrosynth from a launch pad in London England. On hitting play a rumbling beat thumps its way across […]

Pauline Andrès

Pauline Andrès is a singer song-writer based in Berlin - Germany who originally emanates from France with an alternative take on Country delivered with a wry smile. Collaborating with others such as Jack Cassel, her songs are created from bar-room stories across Europe and hence she describes her music as liquor soaked alt-country – which is as good a […]

My Evil Twin

My Evil Twin is the vehicle by which the singer songwriter Cecilie Enevold Nielsen from Copenhagen in Denmark drops her thoughts on the world. Lithely like a cat dropping from the roof the music floats in to the room landing gently – positioned and poised to bound onwards. In live performance Cecilie is supported by three […]

David Rovics

David Rovics from Portland in the USA is an agit-rock poet. David and I started out on completely opposite sides of his introduction – but if you read the Indie Bands Blog regularly you will know how easy that is to do. Delivering his wry glances of the world in a poetic spoken format, David […]

Tini Grey – Company – Video

Tini Grey – based in Costa Mesa in the USA has recently released his debut LP –  Shades of Grey a blend of Polynesian influences and Soul. From the LP comes the track Company with an infectious body swaying beat. website Shades of Grey is available on * Join the Indie Bands Blog on Google+ for more […]


Pilesar is the solo electro-pop singer-songwriter Jason Mullinax from Takoma Park in the USA. Reaching in to the depths of disco vibes of the early ’80s, Pilesar rips out the guts and turns it in to a creative space in which simple synths are stretched and tempos reworked. There is much akin to Kraftwerk in structure, […]

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