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Poppa’s Kitchen

Poppa’s Kitchen is a folk rock duo from Silver Lake in the USA. Steve Feldman and Bob Romanus have been busy over the years releasing 7 CDs, their latest LP Just So You Know came out in mid 2012. Whilst it may come as a surprise to find this on the website, there is an enthralling […]


Cupla is an alternative rock band from Vancouver in Canada. Originally a duo of twins – hence the name – now comprises Bob McAloney (Guitar), Andrew Venning (Guitar), Tricia McAloney (Vocal), Bill McAloney (Drums) and Brando Donovan (Bass). Traces of folk are subsumed in the bluesy rock the band delivers. A highly engaging vocal sits as the frontispiece to an infectious mellowness […]

Flight Brigade

Flight Brigade is an alternative folk-rock collective from London in England made up of Oliver Baines, Miriam Baines, Dorry Hughes,  Thomas Pink, Neil Blandford, Tom Clay and Jonny Barker. With some transcendent compositions Flight Brigade were able to raise a pique of interest in a genre of music with which I generally struggle. Once again I find a band where keeping […]

Willie Ames

Willie Ames is an acoustic folk / rock - guitarist / banjoist /singer / songwriter from San Diego in the USA who can be found incessantly touring the USA. Sitting comfortably in the ears, Willie Ames is one of those hard working solo musicians who provide a steer to new musicians. Through graft he has been able to tour extensively throughout the […]

Chasing Owls

Chasing Owls is a folk-rock band from Edinburgh in Scotland composed of Callum Bateman, Naomi Black, James Moir and Ben Sunderland. Not a natural nest for me, but I hear something that makes sense and more than that tickles the taste-buds. What is even more surprising is that I only received this introduction four hours ago (as I write). There is a foot […]

Pitch Feather

Pitch Feather from Singapore is an indie folk-rock trio comprising Alberta (Vocals / Keyboards / Melodica), Chuan (Bass / Guitar /Backing Vocals) and Hongliang (Drums / Percussion). There is an enticing lilting timorous vocal that snares the ears and before you know it you are captivated by the delicacy of the sounds which reminisce of the light orchard fruits […]

The Fallows

The Fallows is an indie folk rock band from Coventry in England who play a foot stomping UK blues-grass. Ross Darby (Guitar, Vocals), Pete Rutherford (Piano, Vocals, Guitar), Sam Stokes (bass) and Neal Pointon (Violin, Mandolin) have a new single coming out on the 26th August 2012 Front Row. This is a sound which just demands audience […]


Straylings, based around the duo of Dana Zeera and Oliver Drake, is a string of abstract nouns – Indie, Folk, Rock, Alternative – band from London in England. There is an engaging symmetry that shards from the speakers, each laser is the vocal of Dana which shatters in to the ears like breaking glass. Think of an SLR and you […]

The Invisible Gentry

The Invisible Gentry an alternative indie rock quintet from London in England is made of by Enza Durban (Vocals), James Fox (Guitars), Dave Twinn (Guitars), John Twinn (Bass) and Luke Hollingworth (Drums). It is rare to find such a powerful vocal outside the remit of Classical and Opera singers, The Invisible Gentry have a powerhouse of a vocalist who is the stunning core that […]

Artists Only

Artists Only originally from Chester in England is the duo of James Madden and Ryan Murphy who deliver garage folk containing  a rich seam of influences. The music contains an incredibly wide range of derivations, which the duo have been able to fuse to create a mellow and engaging out-put. The quiet confidence in the skills are […]

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