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Pedico is the New York based new wave trio with the ability to not take themselves too seriously of  Chris (Drums / Cowbells / Newport Mediums), Craig (Bass / Vocals / Theramin / Hair Gel) and Jake (Vocals / Guitar / Boogie Boarding). As regular readers know I don’t use the term punk and become enraged when others […]

UK Indie Music Scene 2013 Forecast: UK Indie Bands to Look Out for in 2013

A new year and a new writer joins the website – welcome to Paul Gallagher. Here are Paul’s thoughts on the UK indie music scene for 2013. Across the pond the UK indie music scene has taken a beating. Over the last couple of years there has been very little in the way of breakthrough indie artists […]

Band of the Week top 5 chart 11th to 17th November 2012

The Band of the Week top 5 chart  11th to 17th November 2012 on the Indie Bands Blog finds the top two spots taken by singer songwriters. 1. Liv Summer (Switzerland) 2. My Evil Twin (Denmark) Cracks in the Ice is available on * 3. Poppa’s Kitchen (USA) Just So You Know is available on […]

Band of the week 21st to 27th October 2012

For w/e 27th October 2012 the Band of the week top five chart finds four countries represented along with a diversity of styles. 1. Beechwood (USA) 2. Blondstone (France) 3. Siz (Macedonia) 4. Sidewinder (England) 5. Youtha (England) Empty Rooms is available on * Join the indie bands blog on Google+ for more of the […]

Band of the week 30th September to 6th October 2012

The Indie Bands Blog band of the week top five chart for w/e 6th October 2012. 1. Maybe The Welders (USA) Scene From A Film is available on * 2. DogState (England) War Baby is available on * 3. Death Valley Sleepers (Denmark) The Eponymous LP is available on * 4. Another7Astronauts (USA) 5. Youtha […]

Boxed Wine

Boxed Wine an alternative indie rock band started life in 2011 when the New Jersey – USA, based quartet of Chris Mactire (Vocals / Rhythm Guitar), Ralph Nicastro (Lead Guitar), Nick Kanderis (Bass) and Shane Maloney (Drums) decided now was their time. They have neatly been able to introduce the second guitar, without actually becoming a guitar rock band, […]


Circle from Enmore in Australia is the alternative indie trio of Radi (Vocals / Keyboard), Bec (vocal / Keyboard) and Dan (Bass) who have been together since 2005. Surprisingly with so many keyboards, the material manages to strike a strident chord of paroxysms. There is a drubbing bass that can’t help but catch my ears and I find […]

Wideboy Generation

Wideboy Generation from the North London suburbs in England update That’s Life with their indie rock renditions explored by the trio of Joe Finnigan (Guitar /Vocal), Aiden Eggenton (Bass /Vocals) and Jamie Wilsdon (Drums). I was all at sea when I hit play and I still am, but the fact that I am writing demonstrates I am smitten. […]

Sand Reckoner

Sand Reckoner originally from Doylestown in the USA is a Psychedelic Rock trio - Benjamin Hughes (Drums), Jonathan Lesh (Bass / Vocals/ Guitar) and M. Reverdy Rhodes (Guitar / Vocal / Bass) now based in Boston, USA. With appropriate confidence Sand Reckoner tackles blues infused psychedelia delivering a comforting sound like and elder sibling draping an arm over […]

Giving In

Giving In is a three piece indie-pop band form Manitoba in Canada. I was introduced to Ryan Koltalo (Guitar / Vocal), Scott Miller (Bass / Vocal), Kail Landsborough(guitar) through a supporter. If you have a favourite band that is missing from the indie bands blog just drop me a note using our contact form. Giving […]

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