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Mutual Benefit

Mutual Benefit is a Boston (USA) -based experimental indie project from Jordan Lee with recent contributions from Andrew Morehart, Katie Pierce, Bradley Will, Marc Merza and Samuel Yager. In 2009 the debut mixtape “Figure in Black” was released by the solo Jordan Lee, a fragmented cauldron of music which played host to a mixture of […]

Ugly Kids Club – Magical

Ugly Kids Club from Tennessee in the USA who were reviewed in August 2012 has released a video for Magical as part of their six part series of deluxe singles. Magical is available on * Join our free newsletter for the chance to win band merchandise. *Purchases made through the link will result in the indie bands blog earning a […]


Abadabad from Allston in the USA is the dream-wave quartet of Jeremy Lee Given, Adam Taylor Young, Welly Netto and Josh Northcutt. Sounds that resonate of a Tarantino film spill out of the speakers. Were this a restaurant meal it would be Nouvelle Cuisine and a bit like Marmite, if you don’t like it, it is unlikely […]

Willie Ames

Willie Ames is an acoustic folk / rock - guitarist / banjoist /singer / songwriter from San Diego in the USA who can be found incessantly touring the USA. Sitting comfortably in the ears, Willie Ames is one of those hard working solo musicians who provide a steer to new musicians. Through graft he has been able to tour extensively throughout the […]

The Ill Funk Ensemble

The Ill Funk Ensemble is a groove funk hip-hop outfit from New York in the USA. Having started life back in 2006 - Jermaine Wells (Lead vocals /freestyle), BJ FitzGerald (Guitar / vocals), Duane Etienne (Bass / vocals), Joe Stoner (Keyboards / vocals) and Dennis Brooks (Drums / vocals) have remained committed and dedicated to releasing a sound that resonates in their […]


Klassik is a solo hip-hop jazz musician from Milwaukee in the USA. Early on Saturday morning as I type, I find myself somewhat surprised by the world as I listen to a fusion of Jazz and hip-hop, two genres I struggle with, but my face is wreathed in a smile. A highly proficient alto-sax and pianoforte player, […]

Happy Lives

Happy Lives is a New York, USA based alternative indie trio of Mike Lande (lead vocals / guitar), Julian Beale (back-up vocals / midi keyboard /samples) and Seth Nicoletti (Drums / back-up vocals). An interesting concept band, Happy Lives combine backing-tracks, a sampler pad, and a midi-keyboard that uses instruments built by hand and songs are often remixed on the […]


ViLiFi is a progressive alternative rock band from Merritt Island in the USA. Formerly known as oNe – the trio of Shain Honkonen (Vocals / Guitar), Chris Marshall (Drums) and Dylan Thomas (Bass) cleverly blend a range of influences. Neatly packaged, perhaps a little too much so for my ears, but that doesn’t take away from some delightful […]

The Gashers

The Gashers  a new wave rock band from Las Vegas in the USA comprises Jason (Guitar / Vocal), James (Bass / Vocal) and Sandy (Drums / Vocal) who emerged from the embers of The Peccadilloes. Current anger slams out of the speakers like a knuckle duster to the head. Brief high energy tracks are the hallmark that the band […]

Noble Robot

Noble Robot is the experimental indie band made up of Rory Barber and Nellie Gillis from Williamsburg in the USA. This is almost fractals in aural form. Noble Robot has little time for regular musical construction whilst they paint their visualizations of time and space. The high-pitch electronic notes which set the frame-work for much of the […]

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