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Visceral Design

Visceral Design is the alternative indie duo of Donald Kaufman and Berkay Birecikli from Los Angeles in the USA. Having had the pleasure of getting to hear Visceral Designs music, track by track, over the recent past I have got to know their musical style which incorporates a range of influences from Eastern Raga to Western Pop […]

Echo Arcadia

Echo Arcadia is the Edinburgh, Scotland based alternative indie septet of Leigh Moyes (Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar), Vonny Moyes (Lead Guitar / Vocals), Euan Mushet  (Bass), Dan Ciesielski (Drums), Kev Tierney (Guitar / Vocals /Trumpet), Pete Nicholson (Keys / Vocals) and Andrew Gray (Violin / Vocals). Echo Arcadia are one of those introductions that sat in my inbox for quite some time […]

Katja Luhtala

Katja Luhtala is an Alternative indie rock singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist from Helsinki in Finland. The music of Katja Luhtala slides like a warming triple vodka into the bloodstream. A dark and brooding vocal immediately captures the attention whilst the metronomic musical tempos thrum into the head like a mystical spell and the listener remains captivated […]

Amateur Historians

Amateur Historians is Chris Curry (Vocals / Guitar), Luke Casey (Bass guitar) and Gerard McCorry (Drums) an alternative Indie band from Belfast in Northern Ireland. The introspective sounds speak of the realities of life choices and plans gone awry. But that isn’t to say it is a space of despair, far from it, there is a nervy uplifting edginess that […]

The Wired Era

The Wired Era an alternative indie duo from New York in the USA is - Steve Winiarski and Nick Winiarski. Having undergone a shrinkage in line-up and a new band name to mark the new project The Wired Era seem have settled with a sound that belies there are only two players. The music has more than a […]

Dead Wolf Club

Dead Wolf Club is an alternative indie band from Tintagel in England. Alwin, John, Martha and Serra flirt with the lighter edges of distortion. It would be easy to slot the Dead Wolf Club in to a range of genres, but that would be unhelpful as not only would that not be their core sound, but […]

Captain Dangerous

Captain Dangerous is an alternative indie band from Nottingham in England. The bands employs a plethora of instruments through the line-up of Adam Clarkson (guitar / vocals),  Miles Clark (guitar / trumpet / melodica / accordion / violin / vocals), Mark Houlgate (bass),  Jamie Elliott (drums / percussion) and Rob Rosa (Violin). Rather than sounding like a mash-up […]

The Analog Affair

The Analog Affair is the alternative electro-pop  duo of Evan Baker (Vocals / Lyrics) and Cody Moser (Arrangement / Composition) based in Washington D.C. in the USA. A gentleness melts out of the speakers as though spreading high cocoa content melted chocolate gloss, moreish but not sugar laden as the duo balance the interplay between vocal and […]

The Cakes

The Cakes is an alternative indie pop band from betwixt Newcastle-Under-Lyme and Stoke-on-Trent in England. A trio line-up of David Durosé (guitar, vocals), Jonny Cake (bass guitar) and Alex of Harford (keyboards) originally got together in 2004 and have maintained tenuous links with each other ever since. A smile will wreath your-face as you hit play as they wander across […]

The Active Set

The Active Set is an alternative indie band from Los Angeles in the USA. The three piece line-up is Matthew Stolarz (vocal / bass), Wayne Russell (guitar / vocal) and Francis Ramsden (guitar / keys / vocals). For live performances the band extends to five players with Keys – Damien Stolarz on Keys and Steve Coy on Drums. Shiny […]

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