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Unquiet Nights

Unquiet Nights are a three-piece rock band from Dublin in Ireland, comprised of Luke Mathers, Rodger Firmin and John Rossi.

Unquiet Nights

Unquiet Nights

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce a new writer on the Indie Bands BlogRobbie Gallagher – who is currently studying music at Northampton University.

The boys from Belfast have gained considerable momentum in a short amount of time, with their first full-length album 21st Century Redemption Songs” being released in 2011 to positive reviews. A respectable amount of diversity has gone into the band’s tracks, with the near-retro styling of album opener “Burning the Tracks” rubbing shoulders with more traditional indie rock number “Shoulda Said Something” and the moody “Silent Picture Show”. Unquiet Nights deliver unashamedly heartfelt music with catchy hooks, crunchy rhythms and tight drumming backing up the passionate vocals.

For a band whose career has only just begun, the music is well crafted and produced to a high standard. Last year they toured around Ireland, England and Italy, and with the promise of a series of singles plus a rumoured follow-up album on the way, Unquiet Nights seem to have a bright future ahead of them.


21st Century Redemption Songs is available on 21st Century Redemption Songs - Unquiet Nights*

Thanks for that Robbie and welcome to the website. Robbie can often be found at gigs with his trusty camera and he runs his own tumblr site with some of his snaps and expect to see some of his live reviews in the coming month or so.

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*Purchases made through the 21st Century Redemption Songs - Unquiet Nights link will result in the indie bands blog earning a commission.

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