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Postcode is the brooding alternative indie band of Marie Reynolds (Vocals), Mikie Daugherty (Guitar), Steve Halsall (Bass) and Martin Rigby (Drums) from Douglas on The Isle Of Man. The conflagration of brooding textures and the better know sides of The Isle of Man – The Isle of Man TT high octane motorcycle races and tax evasion (the individuals and […]


Kenelis is an rock band based in Brighton (England). Centred around Mel Sanson (Vocals /Guitar /Keys) who plays in session with Kai Smith / Jack Rowan (Guitar), Tristian Hall (Bass) and Matt Caello / Ryan Hot (Drums). The ears need to be prepared for a thorough workout as the music comes tumbling through the room in a flash-mob of drum and […]

Violet Class

Violet Class is an indie rock five piece from Reading in England comprising James Fearn (Vocals), Jack Barnes (Bass / Vocals), James Mortimore (Lead Guitar), David Storrar (Rhythm Guitar) and Adam Mitchell (Drums). Taking a listen to Violet Class and the genealogy of Brit Pop from it’s roots with the likes of The Kinks becomes ever clearer. A wall of reverberd guitar heralds […]


UKID is a hip-hop rock band from Glastonbury in England. Back in 2010 Ben-Jah (Lead Vocals), Glenn (Guitar), KJ (Bass), Joey (Drums) set out to make a difference, now having completed University they are even more determined. A combination which just demands attention – the geography of Glastonbury and Hip-Hop, not to mention rock. Reminding me […]

Crushing Blows

Crushing Blows is the indie-pop duo Andrew Foster (Drums / Vocals / Keyboard) and Chris Jones ( Guitar / Vocals)  from Derby in England. A couple of years on and we find the duo in fine fettle. The sounds work in a circular vortex, each note sweeping round behind the ears as the next delivers its thoughts. […]

Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate

Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate is a London, England, based Psychedelic Rock out-fit which centres around Malcolm Itsadequate (Vocals / guitar / keyboard) with the addition of:  Kathryn Thomas (Flute); Mark Gatland (Bass); Rudy Roo (Drums) and/or Ibon Ibon (Guitar) where appropriate. Having had one of my not infrequent head exploding moments, Malcolm kindly replied back to me with some additional information […]

Shaun C Bryant

Shaun C Bryant is a singer/songwriter from Norwich in England who delivers a melodic rock ballad sound. There is a deft lyric and song-writing skill that emerges from the sounds that Shaun delivers with a gentle flurry like the feelings of snow drops falling from the sky. The material lands with a calmness, but quickly builds to a substantial layering. […]

The Fireline

The Fireline from Sheffield in the UK is a a three piece indie-pop band made up of Martin Howard (Vocals / Guitar), Louis Whittaker (Vocals / Guitar) and Luke Walsh (Drums) If you read the members too quickly you may be hit by Louis Walsh, but I am delighted to say we are way away from plastic tat and with a decent sounding energetic band. This reminds me […]

Mike Marlin

Mike Marlin is a new wave singer songwriter from London in England. Back in 1982 Mike left his world of playing in bands to pursue a paying career, but he kept his hand in tune and back in 2009 he made a new connection and in 2011 released his debut LP Nearly Man in early […]

Panic Dance

Panic Dance a hip-hop / ska / Drum ‘n’ Bass trio from Cheshunt in England, apart from lifting the day, comprise Adem (Guitar/ Vocals /Beats / recording), Ffion (Vocals) and Lemmi (Bass / Vocals) not to forget Microtron the laptop figuring out the loops. There is nothing to do other than dance when Panic Dance hit the play button, which […]

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