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Callow, a two-piece down-tempo rock outfit, comprised of Red Moses (vocals/guitar) and Sami Knowles (drums/keys/vocals). Formed in 2009 and hailing from San Francisco Bay in the USA, the duet has toured and promoted itself for some time now and released their debut, Orb Weaver, in 2012. My thanks once again to Robbie for the review. […]

The Analog Affair

The Analog Affair is the alternative electro-pop  duo of Evan Baker (Vocals / Lyrics) and Cody Moser (Arrangement / Composition) based in Washington D.C. in the USA. A gentleness melts out of the speakers as though spreading high cocoa content melted chocolate gloss, moreish but not sugar laden as the duo balance the interplay between vocal and […]

The Humans

The Humans is the drone rock quartet of Dan, Dave, Dave and Damian from New York in the USA. Drone is a sound that on occasion settles in to my ears with comfort and I happened to be in one of those occasions as the email landed. The material is dipped in psychedelic ’60s rock and […]

Oak Street Blues

Oak Street Blues is an alt-pop band from Pasadena in the USA with the five piece line-up of Chris Hall (Lead Guitar / Vocals), Desiree Gonzalez (Keyboards / Vocals), Jenny Arias (Bass), Alejandra Arellano (Drums) and Kevin Ng (Percussion / Bass). Their live performances are well known for vivid laser displays. A quivering jelly of folk, rock and pop wobbles […]

Poppa’s Kitchen

Poppa’s Kitchen is a folk rock duo from Silver Lake in the USA. Steve Feldman and Bob Romanus have been busy over the years releasing 7 CDs, their latest LP Just So You Know came out in mid 2012. Whilst it may come as a surprise to find this on the website, there is an enthralling […]


You may well wonder why it has taken so long to review MS MR the alt-pop duo of Max and Lizzy based in New York in the USA. Lizzy is originally from London and Max was born in Seattle and they have found a natural space in New York – this is a duo I […]


Pilesar is the solo electro-pop singer-songwriter Jason Mullinax from Takoma Park in the USA. Reaching in to the depths of disco vibes of the early ’80s, Pilesar rips out the guts and turns it in to a creative space in which simple synths are stretched and tempos reworked. There is much akin to Kraftwerk in structure, […]

Neonfaith – Mercury – audio only

Neonfaith from New York in the USA is one of those bands that this section – audio and video only – was specifically set up for, little music to get my ears round so I can’t yet write a full review, but a delightful sound that needs to get to a wider audience. website Join the Indie […]


ShiShi is something of an apposite name for the haze-pop duo of husband and wife, Philadelphia USA, based pairing of Jamie Lugo (Vocals) and Tom Lugo (Everything else). Tom is already well known to readers of the website with his band Stellarscope and his label Panaphonic. Rustling like leaves in autumn ShiShi deliver a sound that has […]


Tjutjuna is a psychedelic rock band comprising Brian Marcus, Robert Ballantyne, Fernando Garcia, James Barone and Adam Shaffner from Denver in the USA. Another Banter Media introduction from 2010. Best to leave the closed-mind outside the room when you settle down for the ride that is Tjutjunta. They have developed an intriguing style which finds the material hurtling out of […]

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