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Antarte from Agrigento in Italy is the experimental shoegaze trio of Lillo Morreale (vocals/  guitar), Paolo Vita (guitar) and Gabriele Castelli (drums) Mixing in a psychedelic flavour to shoegaze, Antarte is able to inject a new dimension of ambient sound that has become synonymous with Scandinavian wilderness and deliver something that is an absolute fascination. I often take a listen […]


Downlouders is not a spelling mistake, but an experimental psychedelic music collective from Tuscany in Italy. Various members include - Andrea Cajelli (drums/ percussion / synth /vocals), Andrea Manenti (bass / guitars / vocals), Enrico Mangione (guitars / synth / fx / vocals), Giandomenico Fraschini (piano / rhodes / synth / vocals), Marco Sessa (synth / loops / […]

Martin Kleid

Martin Kleid is a four piece electro-indie band from Ancona in Italy comprising - Sasha Polita (Vocals /guitar /programming), Claudio Santoni (Guitar /synth), Francesco Pellegrinelli (Bass / vocals) and Michele Bellagamba (Drums). Sitting on the Eastern coast of Italy they are garnering a strong fan-base in Russia although they sound as though they should be housed in Scandinavia and a name […]


Redroomdreamers is a psychedelic pop band from Naples in Italy comprising Dario (Guitars / Vocals), Alessio (Drum / Percussion), Simone (Bass) and Michele (Guitars / Effects). Twisting vagaries of sounds wend their way in to the room and with that the listener is lifted up in to a journey wreathed in smiles. With a seemingly endless list of available […]

A Classic Education

A Classic Education based in Bologna in Italy, was formed back in 2007, after some personnel changes the current line-up which started as a trio of Jonathan Clancy, Luca Mazzieri and Paul Pieretto also includes Giulia Mazza and Federico Oppi. Introduced to me just over a year ago by that perennial source of superb sounds, Lefse Records, I […]

Larry Gus

Larry Gus is Panagiotis Melidis, originally from Veria in Greece now based in Milan Italy. The music is electronics led with a mix of influences supporting a mellow sound-track. Larry Gus is a pun based on the Larynx, with the Greek word for Larynx being larigas. I liked that immediately, before I heard the music – speaking of […]

Death in Plains

Death in Plains is Enrico Boccioletti, from Pesaro in Italy, who brings to the world the sounds of electronics. Death in Plains, is just what needed after a hectic morning, the languorous beats, akin to a synchrocyclotron, with the laid back sound-waves generating an ever more effective cocoon in which to relax. Effortlessly, the days […]


Oh NO ITs POk from Italy are a three piece euro-synth band comprising Jimmy POk (vocals, guitar and sequencer), Billy POk (synth and vocoder) and Danny POk (drums and percussions). Having just released their 6 track EP Messicos, they are developing a presence both in Italy and the North London club circuit. The Post Punk […]

Let Her Dive

Let Her Dive, from Italy, is a collaboration between,  Francesca Bono from OfeliaDorme and Matteo Trifirò. Gianluca Modica also from OfeliaDorme, plays bass on live shows and some of the recorded tracks. Let Her Dive, lets Francesca explore a different genre of music entirely. The industrial beat laid by Matteo is a great foil to […]

Vermillion Sands

Vermillion Sands from Italy are a four piece band comprising Anna (guitar & vocals), Nene (bass), Ciao (drums) Kran (fuzz and rhythm guitar). Formed by two bands merging in to one a couple of years ago, their out-put is dramatically understated. Bopping round the room, is perhaps not the best way to write an article, […]

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