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Oh NO ITs POk from Italy are a three piece euro-synth band comprising Jimmy POk (vocals, guitar and sequencer), Billy POk (synth and vocoder) and Danny POk (drums and percussions).

Oh No Its Pok

Oh No Its Pok

Having just released their 6 track EP Messicos, they are developing a presence both in Italy and the North London club circuit.

The Post Punk electro scene as readers of the site will know, made me smile hugely, and Oh NO ITs POk even have a band name based on a pastiche on Devo. If you can sit through this band without raising a shoulder at the very least, you are reading the wrong web-site.

This is fun, good feeling and ‘I want to be there’, rolled in to bursts of creative energy. Electro-synth bands far too often fail, as they attempt to out-compete Kraftwerk, Oh NO ITs POk, take a new strand and I can feel the essential un-bent string clarity of post punk, blended with speed, with the essential vocoder and sequencer.

Messicos EP – Preview by Oh NO ITs POk
Messicos is also available as a free download here.

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