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Silvermouse is the ambient-electro-acoustic duo of Miss Jojo (beat technician) and Justin Handley (electric guitar / violin / mandolin / didgeridoo and flute) from the emerged former mining ghost town to renowned arts centre of  Madrid in the USA. Melding together two disparate backgrounds, Miss Jojo has her roots in the UK rave and Goa party scenes and Justin […]

Domi Chansorn

I am getting the feeling that some of the most fascinating underground music is wandering out of Switzerland and on this occasion I head to Berne to find Domi Chansorn, who plays both as a solo singer /songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and also with others, in each incarnation he extrapolates his finesse as a composer. This is an […]

Mr. Meeble

Mr. Meeble from Phoenix in the USA is the trio of Devin Fleenor, Michael Plaster and Rick Heins together with a plethora of technology. If you ever wondered what Jean Michel Jarre would have sounded like were he now at the early stage of his career, Mr. Meeble provide the answer. They scoop up refrains from ’70s psychedelia […]


Woodsman is an experimental indie band from Denver and Brooklyn in the USA. Dylan, Mark, Trevor and Eston utilise two drummers to emphasise their output, which now racks up to five releases. Once again I find my self drawn to an introduction from Banter Media. There is a distinctive sound which emerges form the speakers as the use […]

Pennan Brae

Pennan Brae is a solo singer /  songwriter / instrumentalist from Vancouver in Canada with a strong visual element and a sense of exploration. Pennan Brea and I have been in contact for quite some while and although I have managed to post some of his videos on Indie Music Videos, I never seem to […]

Larry Gus

Larry Gus is Panagiotis Melidis, originally from Veria in Greece now based in Milan Italy. The music is electronics led with a mix of influences supporting a mellow sound-track. Larry Gus is a pun based on the Larynx, with the Greek word for Larynx being larigas. I liked that immediately, before I heard the music – speaking of […]

Thomas Truax

Thomas Truax, 0riginally from New York in the USA, now based in London – England, is an experimental musician who has been around for over a decade. Thomas Truax has been not only an experimental artist, but also a creator of his own instruments to get the sound he wants for more than five minutes […]


Ganglians are a four piece psychedelic beach surf band from Sacramento in the USA. Ryan Grubbs (vocals), Kyle Hoover (guitar), Adrian Comenzind (bass) and Alex Sowles (drums) have been around a few years now and have just released their third LP, on this occasion a double Album, Still Living. A fusion of psychedelia, surf-pop and experimentalism, with a […]