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Martin Kleid

Martin Kleid is a four piece electro-indie band from Ancona in Italy comprising - Sasha Polita (Vocals /guitar /programming), Claudio Santoni (Guitar /synth), Francesco Pellegrinelli (Bass / vocals) and Michele Bellagamba (Drums).

Martin Kleid

Martin Kleid

Sitting on the Eastern coast of Italy they are garnering a strong fan-base in Russia although they sound as though they should be housed in Scandinavia and a name that sounds as though it emerged from Germany, yet sing in English. However there is no confusion in the sounds which Martin Kleid pirouette into the room. Shots of electronics fly in to the cortex with a clean cut crispness that wakes the head like a refreshing shower, yet there is somehow an underlying melancholia that provides the material with an echoing depth of resonance which keeps the listener wanting more.

The constructs are laid out simply, yet through skilled and effective programming there is something to get to grips with, which when accompanied by a full line-up of instruments and a velvet touch vocal makes for an out-put that is at once easy to dance to, yet can equally be take on board in a supine position or anything in between.

Unhurriedly, the music emerges from the speakers akin to fronds of seaweed floating in a rock-pool, entrancing for its very restfulness. There is a succulence which has the hand turning up the volume seeking to immerse the soul in the waves of sound that Martin Kleid produce. Each part of the band floats one in to the other like sheens of oil running on the pavement and the brain can’t help but become mesmerized.

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