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Landmarks is Stephen, Andrew, Matt, Drew and Kevin a psychedelic rock band from Chicago in the USA. No matter how hard you to try to find volume switch 11, Landmarks, will always remain a muted out-put. Demanding of full attention to catch the fluttering whispers of sound that float tantalising close to the ears. Whilst you […]


East-Ra is the solo project of Dino Santaleza who hails from Labin, a small village in Croatia located in the Istra region. Many thanks to Robbie who  took the time from his schedule to write this review. After being lucky enough to speak to Dino it became clear that Istra has a rich history of song […]

Hammering Spleen

Hammering Spleen is Benjamin Racine (lead vocals / guitars / irish bouzouki), Nicolas Arnaud (drums / percussion) and Mathieu Equy (bass / percussion / vocals) a psychedelic rock band from Nancy in France. Melting Spleen is a band that perfectly catches my mind today. Antibiotics for bronchitis, anti-inflammatory’s and painkillers for RSI, now called some other acronym and my […]


Downlouders is not a spelling mistake, but an experimental psychedelic music collective from Tuscany in Italy. Various members include - Andrea Cajelli (drums/ percussion / synth /vocals), Andrea Manenti (bass / guitars / vocals), Enrico Mangione (guitars / synth / fx / vocals), Giandomenico Fraschini (piano / rhodes / synth / vocals), Marco Sessa (synth / loops / […]


Weepikes is a psychedelic rock band from Helsinki in Finland. After a 13 year break – back in 2010 Pasi Peni (Vocals / guitar), Jyrki Lehto (Guitar) and Tomi Nuotio (Bass) decided to get back together. To replace the original drummer Timmo Ravea - Ari Reiska Lehtinen joined the line-up. There are shreds of Lou Reed and Hawkwind, but it […]


Gardenia from Salta in Argentina is a five piece psychedelic rock band comprising Sergio Caram (Bass), Ezequiel Fernandez (Drums), Iván Luis (Guitar / Vocal), Pablo Moreno (Guitar / Backing Vocal) and Adrián Moroni (Synths). There is definite feel of the ’70s here, but it is brought refreshingly up to date with the advancements in synths. With a dual guitar line-up there is an immediate expectation that […]


Resin – a five piece psychedelic rock band from Hinckley in England has changed line up and direction over the past six years, but seems to have settled now with James Botha (Vocals), Mark Roseby (Guitar / Vocals), Simon Yarwood (Guitar), David Seville (Bass) and Mark Abbott (Drums / cello  / cajon / pick-up). Patience is a virtue I understand and hey […]

Reverb Adrenaline – Soul Water – Video Only

Reverb Adrenaline has released a new video for Soul Water  taken from their LP - We’ll Sleep When We’re Dead. Unlike the previous video as seen on the indie bands blog review of Reverb Adrenaline this is a simple image video – here it is Soul Water – a slightly more mainstream rock sound than the […]

Reverb Adrenaline

Reverb Adrenaline is the duo of Jacob Chadwell and Tyson Lepinsk from Missoula in the USA with a blend of psychedelia. Well, well – once again we find ourselves in that conundrum of the difference between American and English. I can feel the adrenalin coursing though my blood as I listen to Reverb Adrenaline and more than that, with […]


Tjutjuna is a psychedelic rock band comprising Brian Marcus, Robert Ballantyne, Fernando Garcia, James Barone and Adam Shaffner from Denver in the USA. Another Banter Media introduction from 2010. Best to leave the closed-mind outside the room when you settle down for the ride that is Tjutjunta. They have developed an intriguing style which finds the material hurtling out of […]

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