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Tjutjuna is a psychedelic rock band comprising Brian Marcus, Robert Ballantyne, Fernando Garcia, James Barone and Adam Shaffner from Denver in the USA. Another Banter Media introduction from 2010. Best to leave the closed-mind outside the room when you settle down for the ride that is Tjutjunta. They have developed an intriguing style which finds the material hurtling out of […]

Abby Gogo

Abby Gogo from Atlanta in the USA is a three piece shoegaze out-fit made up of Bon Allinson (Vocals / Guitar), Jon Allinson (Vocal / Guitar) and Puma Navarro (Drums). Doing precisely what it says on the tin, Abby Gogo deliver some incredibly well crafted shoegaze for the edification of listeners. Two years ago I received an email […]

The Morning Clouds

The Morning Clouds from Arvada in the USA comprises Josh Wambeke (Vocal / Guitar), Lanette Walker (Organ / Synths), Matt Schild (Bass), John Fate (Drums) and Spencer Alred (Guitar). There is a story behind how this shoegaze out-fit centred around Wambeke came in to existence, but to centre on that story is to miss a sublime experience. The Morning Clouds perfectly explain […]


Woodsman is an experimental indie band from Denver and Brooklyn in the USA. Dylan, Mark, Trevor and Eston utilise two drummers to emphasise their output, which now racks up to five releases. Once again I find my self drawn to an introduction from Banter Media. There is a distinctive sound which emerges form the speakers as the use […]

The Quiet Americans

The Quiet Americans is a lo-fi indie band from Fresno in the USA. Luke Giffen, Eli Reyes, Simon Smeds and Steve Loveless have just released their EP Medicine on limited edition cassette through Coattrack Records. The EP having been recorded on a Tascam 8 track reel to reel recorder. Once again many thanks to Banter Media for the introduction. […]

Larry Gus

Larry Gus is Panagiotis Melidis, originally from Veria in Greece now based in Milan Italy. The music is electronics led with a mix of influences supporting a mellow sound-track. Larry Gus is a pun based on the Larynx, with the Greek word for Larynx being larigas. I liked that immediately, before I heard the music – speaking of […]

Burnt Ones

Whenever I receive an email from Banter Media, I am immediately intrigued, there are but very few firms that do this, hence the section entitled PR Managers, I must get on to writing about them one day. But for now, well to be honest back on 26th July 2010, I received a missive regarding the […]

Ruckus Roboticus

Ruckus Roboticus, who has been around since 1998, from Dayton – Ohio in the USA, spends time working on remixes for other artists, but far more interestingly for the indie  bands blog releases material which pulls in drum machines and turntables to create some innovative sounds. As regular readers of the blog will know, the […]