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A Classic Education

A Classic Education based in Bologna in Italy, was formed back in 2007, after some personnel changes the current line-up which started as a trio of Jonathan ClancyLuca Mazzieri and Paul Pieretto also includes Giulia Mazza and Federico Oppi.

A Classic Education

A Classic Education

Introduced to me just over a year ago by that perennial source of superb sounds, Lefse Records, I am delighted to have found the space to get something written. As may well be anticipated by regular readers of the site, from the introduction, this is a band which doesn’t really fit description, it just is and it creates an intriguing sound.

Like a deft pencil artist, the power is all in the blending and A Classic Education fuzz, rather than distort the sound, which leaves the music intact, in as much as an evening shadow is visible, but the edges are not clearly defined. There is a wonderful feeling floating around the room as I write, the music dissipating in to ever corner of the room before fading gently, constantly replaced by a stream of intrigue. The head wants to stay with what has just passed by the ears, yet arching gratefully towards what current and to come.

The out-put gives a feeling of timelessness, perhaps this is an aural construction of the Arthur Koestler concept of Halons.

To be found regularly on tour across North America and Europe, as I write A Classic Education is on an extended US tour.


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