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Antarte from Agrigento in Italy is the experimental shoegaze trio of Lillo Morreale (vocals/  guitar), Paolo Vita (guitar) and Gabriele Castelli (drums) Mixing in a psychedelic flavour to shoegaze, Antarte is able to inject a new dimension of ambient sound that has become synonymous with Scandinavian wilderness and deliver something that is an absolute fascination. I often take a listen […]


Downlouders is not a spelling mistake, but an experimental psychedelic music collective from Tuscany in Italy. Various members include - Andrea Cajelli (drums/ percussion / synth /vocals), Andrea Manenti (bass / guitars / vocals), Enrico Mangione (guitars / synth / fx / vocals), Giandomenico Fraschini (piano / rhodes / synth / vocals), Marco Sessa (synth / loops / […]


.gif is the experimental ambient electronic duo of Weish and Din from Singapore. Floating embers of sound like ashes rising from a fire waft into – and disappear slowly out of – earshot. Half-captured yet demanding of focus, whilst in the foreground burns an ever present beat that rattles the edges of the brain in to a state […]

Einstein In A Patent Office

Einstein In A Patent Office is an experimental electronics solo project by the Salt Lake Based City (USA) Jackson Kelley – who also features as the front-man for the blues rock  JoJo & The Missionaries. The Cambridge (England) experimental scene would be a natural space for Einstein In A Patent Office. This is currently such an underground […]


Beftahk based in London in England is an experimental composer and multi-instrumentalist. Across an array of musical styles Beftahk seeks to deliver a reconstructed perspective of  the instrumentation which explores the nature of world order. Ranging through a diversity of styles I get the feeling that the Cambridge music scene would be a space that would appreciate […]

NHK Koyxzen

NHK Koyxzen – based in Berlin, Germany and originally from Osaka in Japan is the experimental techno / hip-hop musician and contemporary artist Kouhei Matsunaga. Regularly found on the European circuit, bringing his decaying loops and intriguing declinations to an always engaged audience. Prolific creativity surges out of NHK Koyxzen, demanding of an intense work-rate, particularly when considered in combination […]

So Low Suicide

So Low Suicide is an avant-garde indie performance collective from Berlin in Germany made up of  Sasha Matteucci (vocals / harmonium / piano), Bartholomew Sammut (low –fi effects), Rosanna Lovell (clarinet) and Vanessa Kreutz (violin). You can tell this isn’t a rock ‘n’ roll outfit as the acoustic layers of symphonic instruments are laid out on […]

The Dead Rat Orchestra

The Dead Rat Orchestra is the Colchester (England) based trio of Experimental musicians Daniel Merrill, Robin Alderton and Nathaniel Mann. Another introduction from Jo Brook at Bad Timing who sniff out the best experimental music where ever it may be in the world and aim to deliver it to live performance in and around Cambridge in the UK. […]


In 2007 Shane Sandor moved to Chapel Hill in the USA and thus spawned Promute an experimental sound-scape, which would find an equally comfortable space nearer to my own footsteps in Cambridge in England. Stretching beyond the horizon, settle down to listen to a Promute track and not only are you assured of an intriguing electronics journey, but also […]


3DM is the Cambridge, England based creator Marc who brings out the best in alternative dance with an experimental twist. Once again we head to my local home-space to find an engaging experimental artist. Is this confluence to do with the nature of the University town leading edge position, or just that outer London needs to and […]

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