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Larry Gus

Larry Gus is Panagiotis Melidis, originally from Veria in Greece now based in Milan Italy. The music is electronics led with a mix of influences supporting a mellow sound-track.

Larry Gus

Larry Gus

Larry Gus is a pun based on the Larynx, with the Greek word for Larynx being larigas. I liked that immediately, before I heard the music – speaking of which.

Brevity I think is the watchword here, with the experimental and highly looped material, not to mentioned mixed at different speeds and in reverse, Larry Gus is unafraid to push the edges of playability. He superbly combines a meld of influences, from the Urban Ghettos of the USA to the wide open spaces of North Africa and not forgetting to hop around the Mediterranean including Greece. That sounds as though it may be a  drop too much spice in the mixture, not at all, as I mentioned brevity is the key, which enables a scintillating glimpse of a snapshot world tour, not the lengthy hours and hours looking at photographs of a friends holiday or New born Baby snaps, while desperately looking for an excuse to leave.

As with all experimental artists, the material can at times be challenging, but the humour and creative intelligence shines like a beacon.

The Written Word by Larry Gus


Matt from Banter Media / Waaga Records dropped me the background, thanks guys.

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