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Downlouders is not a spelling mistake, but an experimental psychedelic music collective from Tuscany in Italy. Various members include - Andrea Cajelli (drums/ percussion / synth /vocals), Andrea Manenti (bass / guitars / vocals), Enrico Mangione (guitars / synth / fx / vocals), Giandomenico Fraschini (piano / rhodes / synth / vocals), Marco Sessa (synth / loops / fx), Stefano Bruno (guitars / synth / vocals), Boris Tarpini (viola), Raffaello Migliarini (percussion), Alessandro Rocca (vocals) and Pierre Ley (guitar).



Time – as with all experimental bands I introduce and perhaps none more so than experimental psychedelia is the key requirement. Downlouders, whilst producing identifiable compositions introduce a melange of instruments to the mix. This is material that you need to kick off your shoes, lay back your head and float with the music.

A kaleidoscope of sounds melt into the ears and burrow into the brain taking the listener on a far flung journey of self-discovery. Individual tracks extend beyond 20 minutes with a four track EP coming in at just under two hours. The brain doesn’t become stupefied in a mudslide, rather is set free to explore and join in the experiment as the collective carries the listener on ever progressing sounds which undulate and wrap themselves like fractals and when the music is finished, the mind just wants to get back on another ride.

Individual instruments are introduced in recognisable format before becoming subsumed in the mirage of weaves that wrap themselves around  the listener. You sort of get the feeling that the whole purpose of Festivals, was to give Downlouders a weekend to play, rather than what the money-grubbing circuit has in many places become –  an orgy of self-publicity and with many bands as possible in tight sets inside boxes of time.

So it with some pleasure that I introduce Downlouders who smash to smithereens my need for 3 minute songs and deliver a sound that is crammed full of interest and discovery.


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