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Vermillion Sands

Vermillion Sands from Italy are a four piece band comprising Anna (guitar & vocals), Nene (bass), Ciao (drums) Kran (fuzz and rhythm guitar). Formed by two bands merging in to one a couple of years ago, their out-put is dramatically understated.

Vermillion Sands Beijing 3 Dec 2009

Vermillion Sands Beijing 3 Dec 2009

Bopping round the room, is perhaps not the best way to write an article, but their blend of rockabilly and fairground attention grabbing output just demands movement. The drum beat hits my cerebral cortex and just demands a smile.

Superb fuzz back guitar is overlayed with distinctive vocal by Anna, as Vermillion Sands waft me back to sea-side trips. The high voltage output finds me drifting across a range of genres, The Kinks come leaping out, alongside The Stray Cats, brought bang up to date.

The real strength of the band is their ability to play music with the precision and entertainment it generates. Laid-back rockabilly, I think this should become a genre I write about more often.

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Not having had the opportunity to see the band live, I look forward to catching them on their upcoming European tour, if they can be convinced to take a trip over to the UK.

Thanks Stuart for giving me the tip. If we are missing a band you rate, just drop me a note using our contact form and I will be more than happy to take a listen.

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