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Antarte from Agrigento in Italy is the experimental shoegaze trio of Lillo Morreale (vocals/  guitar), Paolo Vita (guitar) and Gabriele Castelli (drums) Mixing in a psychedelic flavour to shoegaze, Antarte is able to inject a new dimension of ambient sound that has become synonymous with Scandinavian wilderness and deliver something that is an absolute fascination. I often take a listen […]

Fixing Bayonets

Fixing Bayonets is the vehicle for solo shoegaze artist Kevin Smigel from Los Angeles in the USA to deliver his wave of echoed guitars. The material has an ever more oppressive sense of doom as tracks build, which given the context of the heavy echoes and muted sounds that Fixing Bayonets deploys to deliver the music, […]

October – High Heels / Cheap Thrills – Audio Only

October is a lo-fi shoegaze outfit from Winnipeg in Canada, with a new three track demo EP  - here is the opener High Heels / Cheap Thrills. I look forward to having the opportunity to write a full review of October, once more music becomes available. From what I have been able to hear, this […]

Bad Thoughts

Bad Thoughts is Milo Kossowski (vocals and gadgets), and sometime bandmate Daina Fanning (backup doo-wop) producing an eerie ambient -shoegaze outpouring from Melbourne in Australia. Although it is only morning as I type this review, the immersive hypnosis wrapping round the room is trance like in quality and I am drifting away from coherent thoughts, so […]

Abby Gogo

Abby Gogo from Atlanta in the USA is a three piece shoegaze out-fit made up of Bon Allinson (Vocals / Guitar), Jon Allinson (Vocal / Guitar) and Puma Navarro (Drums). Doing precisely what it says on the tin, Abby Gogo deliver some incredibly well crafted shoegaze for the edification of listeners. Two years ago I received an email […]


Ummagma is the ambient shoegaze duo of  Alexander Kretov and Shauna McLarnon, based in Ternopil in The Ukraine. Originally from Canada – Shauna travelled extensively and draws her influences from wide open wild spaces. Alexander from The Ukraine is more folk and ‘imported from the West’ influenced. This combination makes for a sound that contains […]


From San Francisco in the USA comes Romper – a space rock project by Paul Freeman (vocals / acoustic guitar) with additional support from  Wendy Flower (harmonies), Adam Rossi (keyboards / harmony), Gawain Mathews (lead guitar), Ezra Lipp (drums / percussion), Paul Oguin (bass), Savannah Jo Lack (violin) and Joe Cohen (bari and tenor sax / clarinet) and of course Romper the character from The […]

The Churchhill Garden

Nestled away in Lucerne in Switzerland you will find the shoegaze music maker Andy Jossi who uses The Churchhill Garden as his vehicle of creativity. I was thinking of a more appropriate genre than shoegaze and only came up with shoe-wave, which might play the wrong connotations in the mind. The Churchhill Garden is a sonic wave […]

Shark Tape

Shark Tape is a three piece indie-rock band with more than a hint of shoegaze, from Philadelphia in the USA, made up of the trio of Stephen Lorek, Niles Weiss and Dylan Mulcahy who emerged from the embers of a previous entity with the aim if delivering a more mellow sound. Lilting sounds wander in to the hearing […]

Cymbals Eats Guitars

Cymbals Eats Guitars is a psychedelic haze band based in New York in the USA. Having come out from under the radar in 2009, having undertaken a change of personnel and some extensive touring before finishing the follow-up LP - Lenses Alien. Joseph D’Agostino (vocal / guitar), Brian Hamilton (Keys), Matt Miller (Drums) and  and Matthew Whipple (bass) create a […]

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