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Death Valley Sleepers

From picturesque Copenhagen in Denmark comes the dreamy music of Death Valley Sleepers, originally a solo project from multi-instrumentalist and producer Tobias Winberg.  Now comprising Tobias (Vocal / guitar), Adam Winberg (Drums), Jesper Van (Bass), Christian Ki Dall (Guitar), Mads Jensen (Organ) and Kristina Romby (Vocal / Percussion). Another review by Robbie Gallagher, many thanks. […]


Redroomdreamers is a psychedelic pop band from Naples in Italy comprising Dario (Guitars / Vocals), Alessio (Drum / Percussion), Simone (Bass) and Michele (Guitars / Effects). Twisting vagaries of sounds wend their way in to the room and with that the listener is lifted up in to a journey wreathed in smiles. With a seemingly endless list of available […]


Kevin is a psychedelic indie pop band from Helsinki in Finland. After some considerable time in existence Antti Alén (drums / percussion), Finn Andersson (bass / vocals), Jussi Ristikaarto (guitar / vocals) and Ville Särmä  (vocals / guitar) continue to plough their furrow of direction. A distinctive and highly recognizable sound emerges in to the room. With a slew of […]


Neondad is a psychedelic-pop band from Oulu, Finland made up of Hung Dad (guitar / korg / vocals), Lusty Dad ( guitar / vocals), Feliz Navidad (bass) and Peter von Baghdad (drums / vocals). This is about as ’60s hippie festival as can possibly be, from a spectrum getting on for fifty years forward. That’s not to suggest the material […]

Inca Gold

Inca Gold is a psychedelic pop band from London in England. Back at the end of 2010 Ezequiel Claverie, Ben Chatwin, Alex Lewis and Chris Howarth decide the time was right to strike a noise in the world of music themselves and barely two years later we find ourselves with their recently released third EP, entitled accurately […]

The Glass Canoe

The Glass Canoe from San Diego in the USA formed back in 2009 to unleash to the world an emergent psychedelic-pop through the line up of David Korrigan, Max O’Reilly, Blake La Grange and Drew Galindo. Reminders of live-aid come wondering out of the trails of my mind as I take a listen to The Glass Canoe, whilst fuzzy […]