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Redroomdreamers is a psychedelic pop band from Naples in Italy comprising Dario (Guitars / Vocals), Alessio (Drum / Percussion), Simone (Bass) and Michele (Guitars / Effects).



Twisting vagaries of sounds wend their way in to the room and with that the listener is lifted up in to a journey wreathed in smiles. With a seemingly endless list of available instrumentation Redroomdreamers is able to add a complexity of textures to the sound which skips along in a haze of Patchouli oil.

The songs despite their trippy contexts are neither easily written or performed as the material demands perfect timing else the sound would jar like a box of coins being poured on to a glass table. The players demonstrate both high quality song-writing skills and performance ability.  I ponder whether they are in search of such a level of perfection to the sound they are seeking to create from the conception of the idea of the song that they loose some of the fluidity, but that is a minor concern as the sounds do exactly what they are intended to achieve – engage the audience.

These are a seasoned group of musicians who take their art seriously and this is reflected in the resulting out-put which ripples with texture as the most is made out of performances and little experimental interludes are served up with a flourish. The music is likely to suit a wide range of audience and it will be interesting to see if they can develop a wider International following, which they richly deserve.

Many thanks to Dario for responding within a matter of hours to my follow-up email, which had taken me from the 22nd October 2010 until the 20th September 2012 to actually get round to writing.


Currently recording an LP scheduled for release in 2013 their most recent available LP – Roosters On The Rubbish – is available on Roosters On the Rubbish - Redroomdreamers*

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*Purchases made through the Roosters On the Rubbish - Redroomdreamers link will result in the indie bands blog earning a commission.

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