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Silent Noise Parade

Silent Noise Parade is Owen Geaney (Guitar, Bass), Joseph Geaney (Guitar, Keys), Gary Sherlock (Vocals), Liam Hayes (Drums) and Kevin Gubbins (Keys, Samples) an electro-indie band from Nenagh in in Eire. On hitting play, I thought I had headed by mistake to Berlin or was listening to New Romanticism from the ’80s, but no I had really […]


Affairs is a five piece alternative electro indie outfit from Hull in England with the line-up of: James Robinson; Liam Grindell; Jack Richards; Dan Parker and Michael Bradnam. Affairs, with their taste in the eclectic create something that stands out from the crowd and today, as I type, getting over a raging chesty cough, is exactly […]

Martin Kleid

Martin Kleid is a four piece electro-indie band from Ancona in Italy comprising - Sasha Polita (Vocals /guitar /programming), Claudio Santoni (Guitar /synth), Francesco Pellegrinelli (Bass / vocals) and Michele Bellagamba (Drums). Sitting on the Eastern coast of Italy they are garnering a strong fan-base in Russia although they sound as though they should be housed in Scandinavia and a name […]


Visitors from North London in England is the trio of  Ben Gold (vocals / keys), Ricky Whybrow (guitar) and Alfie Tammaro (drums) who produce an electro indie-pop sound. This is probably as near to mainstream I can manage to drive. There is a direct line back to the new romantics of the early ’80s with the […]

Lost State of Dance

Lost State of Dance are a band from Hartlepool in England. The four piece electro-indie out-fit who have been around since 2006, comprise of Daniel Drinkwater (Vocals / Synths / Guitar), Steven Armstrong (Drums), Sherilyn Anjelika Oliphant (Bass / Backing Vocals / Guitar) and Louise Bourne (Bass / Vocals) and are in the studio as I write preparing […]