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Antarte from Agrigento in Italy is the experimental shoegaze trio of Lillo Morreale (vocals/  guitar), Paolo Vita (guitar) and Gabriele Castelli (drums)



Mixing in a psychedelic flavour to shoegaze, Antarte is able to inject a new dimension of ambient sound that has become synonymous with Scandinavian wilderness and deliver something that is an absolute fascination. I often take a listen to experimental music and do enjoy much of what bends the boundaries of music. What makes perfect sense with the direction of this trio is they are able to spin round a pivot point of currency which is immediately recognizable prior to asking the listener to extend the synapses.

The core of the band do know the limitations of their instrumentation and bring in to the fray additional musicians to finesse the material as and where necessary and over time I have learnt to understand this viewed more as a strength than a weakness, though with my roots I still sort of struggle with that concept, but to their credit Antare flavours it with frissons of shivers down the spine by this deployment, which is an interesting dynamic in itself. The difference between a band and a composer, as you know, I never have an issue with Bach the composer and the resulting out-put of imported musicians.

Either way Antare have much to offer the world of music with their tangential take on shoegaze, which is at once recognizable but equally, moving the lines from straight to obscured.


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