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Gardenia from Salta in Argentina is a five piece psychedelic rock band comprising Sergio Caram (Bass), Ezequiel Fernandez (Drums), Iván Luis (Guitar / Vocal), Pablo Moreno (Guitar / Backing Vocal) and Adrián Moroni (Synths). There is definite feel of the ’70s here, but it is brought refreshingly up to date with the advancements in synths. With a dual guitar line-up there is an immediate expectation that […]

EL Rayo Verde

El Rayo Verde is an indie band from Buenos Aires in Argentina. Originally formed as a four piece in 2010 – after the departure of one member the remaining trio of Noelia Fernández (Keyboards / Violin / Guitar /Vocal),  Juan Tranier (Guitar / Mandolin /Vocal) and Facundo Ordoñez (Bass / Guitar / Mandolin) changed the structure slightly […]

La Ciudad Bajo La Niebla

La Ciudad Bajo La Niebla is an indie rock band from Buenos Aires in Argentina. Having gone through some changes in personnel during the four years of their existence the current link-up consists of Avati Martin (vocals / guitar), Marilyn Avati (Keyboards), Juan Cruz Scozzanich (Drums),  Agustin Cruz and Paul Di Riaco (Bass). With a breadth of […]


Moodyman is an electronic indie band from Buenos Aires in Argentina. Walter.C (Bass / Keys / Sequencer / Guitar / Mixers), Guillermo Stöltzing (Vocals / Guitar / Bass / Keys), D.J. John Cosani (Keys, Sequensers / Mixers), Mariono Acosta (Drums / Loops) have just finished recording their debut LP GET READY 4 ZOMBEATS. There is a delightful dark […]


Junior is a Buenos Aires based rock band made up of  Gabriel (vocal /guitar), Alfred (drums) and Matt (bass) and that is all it takes for these guys to rattle the speakers. My windows are happy as they flex with the sonics that reverberate against them and I must just add, I quite like it too. The trio punch […]

La Gran Pérdida de Energía

La Gran Pérdida de Energía from Villa La Angostura in Argentina is an Experimental Alternative Rock band. Formed in 2007 and made up of the quartet - Hernán Aguilar, Salvador Barcellandi, José Delgado and Lisandro Marquez. Ringing out from the small town close to the Chilean Border in Andean Patagonia there emerges a sound which must, I imagine, ring strangely […]

The Ocean

From Buenos Aires in Argentina we find The Ocean. A four piece indie band made up of Eduardo Capparelli (Vocals), Javier Tainta (Bass), Leandro Castellot (Guitar) and Sebastian Quintanilla (Drums) who got together in 2011. Delivering a gallimaufry of sixties and seventies rock which they turn in to a mellifluous resonance. There is an alluring sound-scape that rolls […]

The Kavanaghs

The Kavanaghs, despite sounding like a family name from an  Agatha Christie Murder Mystery are an Indie-pop band from Rosario in Argentina. Alejandro Pin (Vocal / Guitar), Tiago Galíndez (Vocal / Bass / Piano), Diego Vázquez (Guitar) and Sebastian Cairo (Drums) have extensive international touring behind them as well as a couple of LPs. It was the sheer fun in […]

Baby Scream

Baby Scream is an indie band from Buenos Aires in Argentina. Juan (Vocals and guitars), Hernán Pascual (Lead guitar), Raúl Marcos (Bass) and Claudio Salas (Drums) Val Doonican came to mind watching the band sit as Baby Scream played, but it makes sense. The complex instrumentation singles out the band for a listen. Would the tortured English be better in native […]

The New Beans

The New Beans – who have been around since 2010 are – Ignacio Grazzini (Guitars/Vocal), Julian Caffarelli (Drums), Javier Ojeda (Bass) and Mateo Mortola (Keyboards) are from Buenos Aires in Argentina. When I write about bands younger than the blog, it makes me smile at how the world evolves. Once upon a time the indie […]

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