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Junior is a Buenos Aires based rock band made up of  Gabriel (vocal /guitar), Alfred (drums) and Matt (bass) and that is all it takes for these guys to rattle the speakers.



My windows are happy as they flex with the sonics that reverberate against them and I must just add, I quite like it too. The trio punch with a weight that far belies the missing more usual fourth member. Each member of the band adding considerable muscle to the powerhouse that is Junior.

Sophisticated guitars playing is enveloped within a drum-kit which I can only imagine dances across the stage, whilst a smokers vocal rasps out a refrain which settles in to the ears.

I find myself needing to take a break and listen with a wry smile as the band entertain and sweat splashes off the instruments.

Just five minutes ago, I was arguing a political point and here I find myself drawn once again in to the pyramids of power, which will for ever see a band which has so much to offer, fighting an internal system of live-play with little hope of breaking to a wider live audience due purely to geo-politics and ergo financing.

I hope that the indie bands blog plays in some micro-dot way to help Junior to gain the recognition they deserve and in the interim, whilst rain drips in time to the music, I will return mesmerized to the dancing windows.


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