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La Ciudad Bajo La Niebla

La Ciudad Bajo La Niebla is an indie rock band from Buenos Aires in Argentina. Having gone through some changes in personnel during the four years of their existence the current link-up consists of Avati Martin (vocals / guitar), Marilyn Avati (Keyboards), Juan Cruz Scozzanich (Drums),  Agustin Cruz and Paul Di Riaco (Bass).

La Cuidad Bajo La Neibla

La Cuidad Bajo La Neibla

With a breadth of musical influences and sounds the band is able to take the listener on an emotional introspective ride, which somehow suits the name of the band. From the up-beat to the melancholic there is an ever present bass and percussion that drives the music forward. The addition of wind instruments and keyboards enable La Ciudad Bajo La Niebla to express the sentiments of the song explicitly.

A strong following in Argentina sees the band continued to be well supported on tour and with a series of releases behind them. the latest – Te Amo, provides listeners from across the world to get the opportunity to get involved on what is always an interesting ride. As with many of the bands I have written about from South America, in the past, there is a confidence of sound that resonates of bubbling frustrations, perhaps redolent of much of the Continent in day to day life.

With the range of instrumentation La Ciudad Bajo La Niebla is able to travel much ground, but they retain a core and guttural vocal, regardless of who is singing, that is instantaneously recognizable. Smartly composed and worked pieces of music  raise the band to worth far more than a cursory glance.


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