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Silvermouse is the ambient-electro-acoustic duo of Miss Jojo (beat technician) and Justin Handley (electric guitar / violin / mandolin / didgeridoo and flute) from the emerged former mining ghost town to renowned arts centre of  Madrid in the USA. Melding together two disparate backgrounds, Miss Jojo has her roots in the UK rave and Goa party scenes and Justin […]


Moodyman is an electronic indie band from Buenos Aires in Argentina. Walter.C (Bass / Keys / Sequencer / Guitar / Mixers), Guillermo Stöltzing (Vocals / Guitar / Bass / Keys), D.J. John Cosani (Keys, Sequensers / Mixers), Mariono Acosta (Drums / Loops) have just finished recording their debut LP GET READY 4 ZOMBEATS. There is a delightful dark […]


Electro-funk/disco isn’t a genre I ever anticipated typing on a review, but the solo artist Tyson from London in England just needs to be added to the Indie Bands Blog. An hypnotic dance-floor rises out of the ashes the moment the play button is hit. Generous layers of velvety electro-mix smoke the room and all […]