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Horse Party

From Bury St Edmunds in England comes Ellie Langley (guitar / vocals), Seymour Quigley (guitar / vocals) and Shannon Hope (drums / vocals) who form the indie band Horse Party. There is something easy to hook up with once Horse Party start playing as it resonates of much of the core of rock from the ’60s and ’70s […]

Wooly Mammoth

Wooly Mammoth is an indie band from Ontario in Canada comprising Jessiah Devine and Paul Vroom. I can only really say that it is the earthy realism of Wooly Mammoth that I enjoy. They are one of those bands I had to take on a second listening to get to grips with and the reason I took […]

EL Rayo Verde

El Rayo Verde is an indie band from Buenos Aires in Argentina. Originally formed as a four piece in 2010 – after the departure of one member the remaining trio of Noelia Fernández (Keyboards / Violin / Guitar /Vocal),  Juan Tranier (Guitar / Mandolin /Vocal) and Facundo Ordoñez (Bass / Guitar / Mandolin) changed the structure slightly […]

Northern Valentine

Northern Valentine is a Philadelphia, USA, based ambient rock band. Having started life at the tail end of last century as a collective, which centres around: Robert Brown(guitars), Amy Brown (keyboards, violin), Jeffrey Bumiller (guitars) and Matthew Primak (keyboards). There is no hurry with Northern Valentine, their latest release, Fin de siècle, due out in April is a 7 […]


Deadwax is a classic British Indie band – from London in England – and it would be very easy for Richard Power (Vocals / Guitar), Richard Lodge (Guitar), James Richard (Bass) and Tom Jesus Edwards (Drums) to be overlooked. I think I have mentioned more than once, not every band appeals to my ears, though I completely recognise their […]

General Bye Bye

General Bye Bye, from Montreuil (Paris) France came in to existence back in 2008 – after a hiatus the foursome became a threesome comprising – Philippe Beer-Gabel (guitars, vocals, melodica and kantele), Emmanuel Quirié (keys and synth) and Etienne Gillet (drums, guitar and backing vocal), to generate synthesis of instrumentation.   General Bye Bye, fill […]

The Pocket Gods

From St. Albans in the UK, The Pocket Gods have been around for some years. Mark Christopher Lee (vocals, guitars, keys), Annie Moeke (Vocals, guitars, keys) and Claire Lee (Bass & vocals) form the basis of the band, who with over 120 releases behind them continue to surprise with their alternative rock. Influenced by the […]


The American indie band Papercuts from San Francisco in the USA, create music which features the presence of a rhythmic drum beat and lyrics which sound as though they have been echoed, giving a slightly haunting and metronomic style of music, which is ideal to sit down and listen to at a more reflective moment. […]

The Velvet Underground

Arguably one of the most influential bands of all time and a must for the indie bands blog. The Velvet Underground, started as collaboration between Lou Reed, a native of New York and John Cale, from West Glamorgan. Reed was under contract as a songwriter for Pickwick Records, and Cale was a classically trained musician, […]