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The New Beans

The New Beans - who have been around since 2010 are – Ignacio Grazzini (Guitars/Vocal), Julian Caffarelli (Drums), Javier Ojeda (Bass) and Mateo Mortola (Keyboards) are from Buenos Aires in Argentina.

When I write about bands younger than the blog, it makes me smile at how the world evolves. Once upon a time the indie bands blog was the newest squeeky clean hopeful on the block and now at the ripe old age of 2 there are newer spaces than us. It’s been a roller-coaster couple of years, Julie who carefully dissected the colour combinations on the site and kept sanity when I lost mine, is now dead. Thank you Julie for the dreams we share/d, the site will never die until we are both dust.

The New Beans

The New Beans

Argentina on the indie bands blog has become synonymous with The Velvet Underground, The New Beans spread wings to a wider space as core alternative rock springs like a new born lamb from the speakers. There is a freshness and enthusiasm for life that reminds me of the tight springing wool on a lamb. No, no idea where these allusions come from either but it makes sense, well, to me anyway.

The New Beans use the keys to powerful effect as they explore a new world around them (yes I am going to extend this reference further). The music breaks between sharp, fresh, considerate and hesitant spaces with comfort, as the four musicians take the listener on a journey of discovery. There is no jaded cynicism behind their material, it is emotionally constructed, with the band working in unison as they deliver a maturity beyond 12 months.

A band to follow with interest.


With an eponymous LP already released and available on The New Beans - The New Beans*, New Beans have staked a space in the pantheon of …. We do have something to say.

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