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Gardenia from Salta in Argentina is a five piece psychedelic rock band comprising Sergio Caram (Bass), Ezequiel Fernandez (Drums), Iván Luis (Guitar / Vocal), Pablo Moreno (Guitar / Backing Vocal) and Adrián Moroni (Synths).



There is definite feel of the ’70s here, but it is brought refreshingly up to date with the advancements in synths. With a dual guitar line-up there is an immediate expectation that this play at the power end of the spectrum, but far from it – gentle waves of sound float out of the speakers and glide through the room. With the two voices Gardenia is able to add some warming textures to the tracks and the over-all is effect is one of understatement, which given the genre is an ideal mix of.

Even when Gardenia up the tempo and ferocity of the guitar they drop the other instruments so that it retains that relaxing and atmospheric feel in which the quintet explore their creative abilities. You may be left with the impression that this is music for the background but that is far from the case as there is much going on in the compositions, which are best appreciated by taking the time and space to engage directly.

I have no idea how well this plays in the home environment, as many of the bands that I have contact from in Argentina have a harder edge to them, but I do hope they have found a decent following who appreciate good quality sounds that rely on their dexterity to resonate and it is a pleasure to introduce Gardenia to the Indie Bands Blog.

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