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Landmarks is Stephen, Andrew, Matt, Drew and Kevin a psychedelic rock band from Chicago in the USA. No matter how hard you to try to find volume switch 11, Landmarks, will always remain a muted out-put. Demanding of full attention to catch the fluttering whispers of sound that float tantalising close to the ears. Whilst you […]

Jetson Manic

Jetson Manic is the four piece rock band of Matt (Vocals / Guitar), Dug (Bass / Vocals), Byrney (Drums) and Spo (Lead Guitar) from Sydney in Australia. About a year old now Jetson Manic is continuing the thread of rock based bands from Australia I seem to be mining at the moment, each with something distinct to say. The material […]

Comfort Slacks

Comfort Slacks is the electro-pop duo of Jessie and Matt – based in Napa in the USA. When I received a parcel in the post from a quizzical looking postman as he thought I had lost the plot as the label on the container stated boldly Comfort Slacks (In the UK we still have the […]


WAZU based in New York in the USA is Matt (Vocals/  Guitars / production) and Rizz (Vocals/ synths / sound design) who deliver 2012 new wave. My life would be better had I gotten ears to this band a year or so ago. Now described in the PR guff and besmirched across the lazy-o-sephere as sounding like some rancid band […]


Junior is a Buenos Aires based rock band made up of  Gabriel (vocal /guitar), Alfred (drums) and Matt (bass) and that is all it takes for these guys to rattle the speakers. My windows are happy as they flex with the sonics that reverberate against them and I must just add, I quite like it too. The trio punch […]

Illegal Notes

Illegal Notes, from Lincoln in the UK are a four piece alternative rock band, who came in to existence back in March this year and three months ago changed their lead guitarist after Gav decided it wasn’t for him, have strong musical references to London of the early ’80s and early ’70s. Filled with vocalists - Chaz,  (Lead Vocal, Rhythm […]

Tall Ships

Tall Ships are a three piece band originally from Flamouth and now based in Brighton, in the UK. Ric (guitars, vocals, keys, drums) Matt (Bass, Keys, Sampler) and Jamie (Drums, Bass) got together while at The Arts College in Falmouth in late 2008. Playing as a guitar based threesome, it would be easy for the […]