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The Ocean

From Buenos Aires in Argentina we find The Ocean. A four piece indie band made up of Eduardo Capparelli (Vocals), Javier Tainta (Bass), Leandro Castellot (Guitar) and Sebastian Quintanilla (Drums) who got together in 2011.

The Ocean

The Ocean

Delivering a gallimaufry of sixties and seventies rock which they turn in to a mellifluous resonance. There is an alluring sound-scape that rolls like a fog in to the room, an intricate out-put in which the listener wants to become intertwined. The melting instrumentals are given the space and time in which to  develop as the songs take their course.

The Ocean has creatively drawn together a range of influences and been able to turn it in to a warming structure that has the ears demanding more of, whilst they ensure the tracks do not wander off in to obscurity.

I fear they will remain an ever under-represented band as so many of those in South America undeservedly remain. The South American indie scene, particularly in Argentina, is thriving . It remains very difficult for those bands to gain local traction due to a plethora of State regimentation. As sadly, a cloth ear, from much of the rest of the world to some for the most creative and able musicians currently playing.

The Ocean has every ingredient to make a mark on the world of music and I hope it is not just the readers of the Indie Bands Blog who recognize superb craftsmanship when it comes wafting out of the speakers.

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