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Glimpse Trio

Glimpse Trio is an experimental rock band from San Leandro in the USA composed of Mike Sopko (guitar / vocals), Hamir Atwal (drums) and Chris Lopes (bass). Immediately accessible, you may on first glance wonder about the ‘experimental’ nature of the genre definition. That is somehow a testament to their abilities to meld in to the mix a complicated […]

La Gran Pérdida de Energía

La Gran Pérdida de Energía from Villa La Angostura in Argentina is an Experimental Alternative Rock band. Formed in 2007 and made up of the quartet - Hernán Aguilar, Salvador Barcellandi, José Delgado and Lisandro Marquez. Ringing out from the small town close to the Chilean Border in Andean Patagonia there emerges a sound which must, I imagine, ring strangely […]

Wet Wolf

Wet Wolf from Edison in the USA are an experimental trio comprising –  Jenny (Vocals /Guitars), Ben Ross (percussion / air driven keyboards) and Mike Noordzy  (Bb clarinet and assorted trinkets). Does that B flat clarinet precision mean this is only music for geeks? Regular readers will know I am always interested in exploring experimental music, though […]

Bear in Heaven

Since their first release back in 2003 Bear in Heaven - Sadek Bazaraa, Jon Philpot, Joe Stickney and Adam Wills from Brooklyn, in the USA have been experimenting with psychedelic rock. I’m not sure if have some honey smell about me,  but my inbox is replete with bands with the name Bear in them, perhaps I […]

Hot Head Show

Hot Head Show who have been together since 2008, are from Hackney, London in England – a trio comprising Jordan Bennett (Rhythm Guitar & Monologues), Vaughn Stokes ( Bass & Singing) and Beatamax -(Drumming & Singing). Their recent release Bummer/Hotel Room provides a glimpse to the dichotomies that they challenge the listener.  Hotel Room having […]