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The Kavanaghs

The Kavanaghs, despite sounding like a family name from an  Agatha Christie Murder Mystery are an Indie-pop band from Rosario in Argentina. Alejandro Pin (Vocal / Guitar), Tiago Galíndez (Vocal / Bass / Piano), Diego Vázquez (Guitar) and Sebastian Cairo (Drums) have extensive international touring behind them as well as a couple of LPs.

The Kavanaghs

The Kavanaghs

It was the sheer fun in the music that drew me to the band and a distinctive guitar opener to their track ‘Tonight‘ that I haven’t heard since Plastic Bertrand had me smiling with Ça plane pour moi, back in the late ’70s. The Kavanaghs may well be a band rooted in the influences of ’60s bands, but they are so much more than a retrospective.

Some immense guitar blends with a preppy pace to ensure the listener finds themselves looking like a nodding dog. The music is smartly put together, as they handle tempo switches easily mid-way though tracks. The use of piano adds a timbre of innocence to the sound as neatly paced drumming tells the story behind the music, driving the cadences and direction of the tracks.

At their best The Kavanaghs play solid rock guitar to dance tempo, yet they are adroit on the slower numbers,  where the musical abilities of the band members is given a wider space to be showcased.


… Just in case you think I have lost the plot, compare the two guitar openings and let me know what you think:

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