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La Gran Pérdida de Energía

La Gran Pérdida de Energía from Villa La Angostura in Argentina is an Experimental Alternative Rock band. Formed in 2007 and made up of the quartet - Hernán AguilarSalvador BarcellandiJosé Delgado and Lisandro Marquez.

La Gran Pérdida de Energía

La Gran Pérdida de Energía

Ringing out from the small town close to the Chilean Border in Andean Patagonia there emerges a sound which must, I imagine, ring strangely to the surrounding mountains. As the experimental alternative rock generated by La Gran Pérdida de Energía sits leagues away from the more traditionally associated music.

Tracks range from barely a minute to getting on for the fifteen minute mark, as the musicians calmly express the story within each song, without vocal.

Strangely, I don’t get a sense of the source geography of the creators from the music, rather that of a wide open land-mass. The material is written within a recognizable format, whilst permitted to wander over the scale to create the experimentation the band wishes to pursue.

There is a gentle rolling sound which emanates from the band which is creatively encompassed within a refrain of guitar driven harmonics. I can pretty well see the guys sitting on the beaches of West Coast USA creating the music, not in the bowl of alpine style chalets, deep in the heart of South America, albeit lake-bound.

One of the joys of writing about music is the surprising out-put and locations from which the musicians make their statements. La Gran Pérdida de Energía is a superb sounding band that I am delighted to have had the opportunity to get to review.


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