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Moodyman is an electronic indie band from Buenos Aires in Argentina. Walter.C (Bass / Keys / Sequencer / Guitar / Mixers), Guillermo Stöltzing (Vocals / Guitar / Bass / Keys), D.J. John Cosani (Keys, Sequensers / Mixers), Mariono Acosta (Drums / Loops) have just finished recording their debut LP GET READY 4 ZOMBEATS.



There is a delightful dark and moody presence that emerges in to the room as Moodyman play through their repertoire, of quite European sounding material. The balance between the electronics and instruments is nicely handled, with sufficient playing to engage the fans of performance material, whist the electronic gadgetry is deployed to enhance the mood and rumbling undertones of menace which are the signature sounds of the quartet.

This is music that is eminently danceable, but can equally be listed to for the tunes tumbling out of the speakers. The band has a sound that could easily transfer across the ocean and it would be good to see them on an international tour, equally they capture the essence of the local environment, with the relevance to a challenging live music scene in Argentina and much of South America.

I look forward to hearing how the band develop as their debut release holds much promise.


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